There are free weekends for games regularly on Steam, in which you can just play a game for the whole two days – they would be reverted back to their usual status on Monday. This time it is different, however, because Steam and Sega are offering free copies of Company of Heroes 2 until the end of November 17. With Black Friday just around the corner, this freebie is just appropriate.

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Most of the events in this game are about the Eastern Front of the war

To get the free game, you only have to get to the Steam page of Company of Heroes 2, add the game to your cart and check out, just like buying a normal game. There will not be any charges and you would be able to keep it from that time forward. All the DLCs of the game are also getting heavily discounted by Sega, so if you find the game enjoyable, this is the best time to buy it at a discount.

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The Campaign is very well made

Company of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game that puts you in the eastern front, inside the shoes of the German and Soviet Army. The multiplayer aspect of the game is pretty well done as well, with all the amazing moments during the previous game recreated amidst the chaos of combat. This game has taken the best parts of the original game and build up more on the existing foundation. The Eastern Front was portrayed amazingly to the details, with all its bloodiest glory. It just makes sense, as the brunt of the war is primarily here, with 80% of the Wehrmacht and about 26 million Soviet perished.

The game is pretty faithful to history

Overall, while the original game might be better, Company of Heroes 2 is still worth playing, especially when it is free. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check out this article for a list of the best RPG games made by Bethesda.