Company of Heroes 2 was released back in June 2013. Therefore, it is already the fifth-anniversary giveaway for this game on Steam. This anniversary is 6 months late because the original game came out in June, but it is free, so we are more than ready to forgive this inaccuracy.

Company Of Heroes 2 Is Free 01
A battlefield in the game

Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel in the of Relic's Company of Heroes series. Back in when it was released, the game was a huge hit in the market continue the success of the first game. Company of Heroes series is of real-time strategy genre which was mastered by Relic with lots of similar series like Age of Empires and Warhammer.

Company of Heroes 2, a great RTS

Company of Heroes 2: Redefining War Launch Trailer

At the start of Company of Heroes 2, even if you do not play the Tutorial Mission or play the first part of the game, you will easily recognize the real-time strategy game in Company of Heroes 2, Take advantage of the hiding place and exploit the weaknesses of the heavily armored tanks. Simply put, it's more realistic than the usual fictional type of real-time strategy games. On the other hand, it is very rarely the design that allows the player to apply "aggressively weak," so the pace of the game is slower than most traditional RTS games.

Even more exciting is the gameplay thanks to slow tempo, but there are a lot of things going on during a mission and a specific resource system that forces players to focus on tactics. That is also why our reviewer give the game 8/10 scores because he fell in love with this style already.

Company Of Heroes 2 Is Free 03
A great tank battle in CoH2

Our reviewer wrote that maybe when a new player enters the game, he will feel that he plays against both the game and the enemy. But if he takes his time to understand the battle system and the mechanic of the game. He will know how to choose his battle wisely, and he will be rewarded by that. With time. He will learn to love the game.

Go grab Company of Heroes 2 now! The game is free now on Steam.