Covid-19 pandemic has steadily become a problem all over the world. Events from big like public gatherings or small like weddings are getting canceled left and right, due to them being a potential hotspot for virus transmission. A lot of people are finding it very difficult to deal with the newfound isolation and are trying to find a new way to keep connected. Video games are probably one of the most popular ways out there for people to maintain social contact with each other. One clever couple from the US, after having to postpone their wedding due to Coronavirus, decided to use a popular video game named Animal Crossing: New Horizons as the ground for their wedding instead.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Garden Background
This game is somewhat similar to Stardew Valley

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Nintendo Switch’s flagship title in the first half of 2020. The fact that its release date was smack in the middle of the outbreak has actually become its unique advantage. As people are getting locked up inside, they would crave for entertainments and connections to other people – and both of those can be provided by Animal Crossing. There are a lot of things to do on a tropical island in Animal Crossing, from fishing, fruit gathering, crafting, or even recreating movie scenes.

People are figuring out some really interesting way to solve their problems in isolation

Ashmush, a Reddit user, has taken advantage of Animal Crossing’s gameplay to have his own wedding after everything was shut down by the government. Ashmush’s friends and fiancé has secretly gathered up in-game items to build an elaborate ocean-side ceremony, complete with a path made from hearts, lined with torches and flowers. While there is a path-making tool in the game, the guy made everything manually – the path took 2 hours to complete, along with a lot of time for gathering materials prior.

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Buildings
There are a lot of customization options that change very frequently

Animal Crossing is an amazing title that was released just 5 days ago. This is a real-time life simulation game, with player assume the role of an explorer who moves to a deserted island to explore and eventually create a community filled with customizable anthropomorphic animals. The theme is rather appropriate for the current situation in which all life activities are postponed. For more information about this game, please check out this article about the top 5 open-world games that are going to be released in 2020.