A recent theft that took away a $1400 CG:GO knife skin might make whoever did this suffer from a possibly highest sentence of eight-year imprisonment. The case is assumed to occur in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic and now under investigation. Ironically, the local police who are taking responsibility for this case have never received anything similar. Perhaps for that reason, they have announced to all the citizens of this city to be cautious anytime making an online trade with strangers. 

Csgo Talon Knife Fade
Ironically, the local police who are taking responsibility for this case has never received anything similar!

In the famous online tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the in-game knife skins are now among the list of the rarest cosmetics items that can cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, lots of professionals and big fans of the game are crazy about these items and willing to bargain to gain their favorite ones. 

Due to the scarcity, a player must be very lucky to randomly unbox a cosmetic case that contains a CS:GO knife, and usually, a likewise item is sold at an extremely high price. But possessing such precious and valuable items can bring some troubles to the owners, especially when they want to sell or trade them. 

Coming back to the fraud in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, the owner of CS:GO knife skin named 'Talon Knife | Fade' was tricked during his attempt to sell that special game item. In particular, a ghosted user successfully dealt with this owner to buy the knife skin at a cost of $1400. Before the skin was transferred to this account, the owner had been paid a deposit of around $186. 

Cs Go Talon Knife Fade
'Talon Knife | Fade'

The culprit is now under investigation, and if this person is arrested, he/she will have to face a punishment of up to eight years imprisoned, according to the laws of the Czech Republic.