Since the beginning of the original Counter-Strike mods, people have been playing the game, being able to choose among a few default skins for each side. CS: GO actually didn't go with this path and removed the character selection screen before each match.  You can only choose which side you will be in and you will hop into a match with a random model. This option doesn't really affect the competitiveness and gameplay of CS: GO at all, but it does diminish the enjoyment of players to some degree.

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Players cannot choose a character model before each match in CS: GO

Now, with the introduction of Operation Shattered Web, players can now unlock and equip new Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist characters. They will be the rewards in Operation Pass. These characters will be treated as skins. There is a total of 22 of them and they will have their own tiers such as "Distinguished Agent," "ExceptionalAgent," "Superior Agent,"  and " Master Agent." Characters in the Master Agent tier will have their special animation and voice lines.

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Four Master Agent characters will have their own unique animations and voice lines

Apart from new characters and the ability to pick a character, Operation Shattered Webalson also introduces players plenty of new skins, stickers, graffiti, and most importantly, new maps. The 3 new maps are Lunacy, Jungle, and Studio that is available for different modes.

Jungle 3 A474_wm
Operation Shattered Web introduces Jungle map for Danger Zone mode

Lunacy 1 6a25_wm
The new Lunacy map for Fly Scout Man missions

Studio 4 48bc_wm
The new Studio map for classic modes

The last Operation in CS: GO was Hydra from 2 years ago. It is not sure why Valve skipped a year and then get back to it, but this year we saw a massive change in the price of the Operation. Operation Shattered Web will cost you $15 instead of $6 like previous ones.