Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has boosted its sales by cutting its price down and applying the mode of the battle royale in late 2018 has created a fever among players.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achieved its best-ever sale month

According to Nors3, CS:GO sleuth report on Twitter, there were 20,535,709 private players competed in the game in December, doubled the number of game players last month. The peak and average numbers of game players appear in SteamDB and SteamChart. It is known that CS:GO first cut its price and offered the mode of Danger Zone battle royale on the seventh of December, which significantly boosted its sales on last month’s graphs.

Accordingly, the average number of game players was estimated at 395,509 and hit the height of 746,548 on SteamCharts in December. Previously, the average and peak game player numbers were 310,085 and 546,031 respectively. However, it does not surpass its concurrent player record of more than 850,000. Although it is exactly a huge rise over the year’s remaining time, in which CS:GO often reached a concurrent player average of below 300,000.

Cs Go Free Edition Released
Valve offered a free edition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO might be played by many people at present, however, they absolutely were not happy after hearing the announcement of Valve about the changes. Steam totally got 14,000 reviews of CS:GO just within a day after offering players to play this game for free and this figure is expected to continue. A lot of game players were disappointed due to the fact that they had already poured their money into this game, and the loyalty badge present did not make them become much happier.

However, there were also 7,000 people writing positive reviews about the game. This means the game still has optimistic players. Notably, these positive reviews only surpassed the negative ones after ending the free-to-play promotion one week later.

The promotion seems to be effective in a short period, however, only a month is not enough to continue.