Minecraft is the realm where players can go absolutely crazy and free with their crafting ideas. Instead of futuristic or grand monster houses, you are more into cute Minecraft house ideas? If that’s so, you have come to the right place. Below are very adorable designs that you can take inspiration from and build for your own.

Soft Pastel Pink House

Watch the tutorial for this Soft Pastel Pink House.

Mentioning cuteness without pink is a crime. If you happen to love building houses in Minecraft and the pink colors at the same time, you might have stumbled upon the most ideal design ever.

Lilpie Pink House cute minecraft house interior
The design is cute from the outside to the interior.

This pastel pink house by Lilpie is a small, cute house located in the cherry blossom biome. Although it’s not a big design, every detail is carefully taken care of which makes it not only visually great but also very useful. 

Some essential materials you will need include:

  • Mushroom stem
  • Mangrove stairs
  • Mangrove planks
  • Bookshelf
  • White stained glass panes
  • Obsidian
  • Block of quartz
  • Lantern
  • Magenta stained glass pane, etc.

Hello Kitty House

Hello Kitty House Minecraft
Follow the step by step guide to create the same cute Minecraft design.

Players can also combine the cartoons they like into their Minecraft builds. For example, a user has created a very enchanting Hello Kitty pinky house. You can find this cute Minecraft house tutorial from KitAriMeowwww.

Moon House

Moon House Minecraft
A simple cute Minecraft house that stands you out from other players.

How to make a cute Minecraft house?

This Moon house by Poof is an underrated design that more users should know about. It makes you feel like you are living in outer space and it;s also made for survival mode. And the creator also provided a step by step video that can help you build the house seamlessly.

Lush Cottage

Lush Cottage Minecraft
Made by astriiness, this lush cottage house can win any heart.

This cottage design screams “lush” all the way. It is covered with grass, vines, red and white mushrooms, and more. The cottage-core design is a great pick for those who want a natural and farmy vibe in their world.

Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole Xgoldrobin
Lord of the Rings' fans will like this design.

Who even wants to live in a hole? No one, except it’s a Hobbit hole. Taking inspiration from Lord of the Rings, this hobbit hole design is cozy and simple. The tutorial by xgoldrobin will guide you through the entire process.

Cute Fox House & Interior

Fox House Minecraft
You can have a fox house for yourself!

Foxes are already the cutest animals in the game. Imagine having a fox-looking house! While this cute Minecraft house might look like a handful, it is in fact quite easy to build. 

The cute fox house interior in Minecraft also offers a convenient experience for players. All you need to do is follow ManDooMin’s tutorial.

Cute Polar Bear House

Polar Bear House Minecraft
A polar bear house in a snowy land is too adorable to handle.

If you love animals and winter, this polar bear house is made for you. Heading to a snowy biome and creating this polar bear design will put your mind at ease from all the daily wear and tear.

In case you haven’t known, this design even has two floors. You can have all the cute things to add to your Minecraft house on the first floor and a bedroom of your own on the top floor. 

This is also a ManDooMin’s design because we can’t get enough.

Dreamy Dunes

Dreamy Dunes Minecraft Cute
You can also try to venture into a life on the dunes with this dreamy build.

These cute Minecraft house ideas literally go places. You can cutify everywhere you want, from the cherry blossom land to the wood or even the dune. 

While the dunes are mainly known for their desert habitat and scorching environment, this dreamy build says otherwise. You can add every desert-related detail into the house yet it’s still a sight to behold.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House Minecraft
Mushroom house, need to say more?

Are you a Mario fan? Or do you just live the cuteness of mushrooms and everything related to them? It does not matter, because this Ruby Caps house is an honorable and stunning Mushroom starter house. It is for the “heroes” who travel into the realm of the SporeWood Forest. 

This Graysun build has features that every Survival player needs. This makes the iconic red and orange Mushroom house even more charming.

Modern Pink House

Modern Pink House
If you find realistic buildings your style, this 2-floor pink house is a must try.

In case you love a modern style with a sweet touch, you may take a look at this pink city house. You can add any detail to the house to make it realistic in your eyes. From a bedroom to a reading room, a bar in the kitchen, even a balcony with lots of tulips.

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