Cyberpunk 2077, the most hyped game of this decade, has just been released... bringing players into the colorful world of the dystopian Night City. There are a lot of places to explore, skills to learn and things to do in this city... and all of them are for acquiring more money or "eddies" (a game slang).

Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpaper

The grind for money in the game is fairly tedious - you have to go around doing quests, fight enemies, selling items looted... which made getting the best cyber enhancement and vehicles a pretty lengthy process. However, you can skip that now using this 'Space Oddity' glitch.

Step by Step Guide

  • Head to Rancho Coronado in Santo Domingo and find a gas station with some hobos camping beside it. This is where the job would be unlocked.
  • Approach the men near the table and try to negotiate with them - you need a body stat of 7 or more to scare them into giving the item to you. If negotiation fails, just shoot them.
  • Afterward, you would need to either hack the laptop on the table (if you have 10 or more intelligence) or do the quests and find the location of the body they told you about - by scanning it, you would get a code to unlock the laptop.


  • After you have gotten the location from the laptop, follow the quests' waypoint to an area with 7 soldiers. Take them all out and loot the painting from the capsule in the center. This capsule is a quest item and won't be disassembled with the perk Scrapper.


  • Find the nearest dropbox and sell the painting for 4000 eddies. You can then repurchase it from the box for 5 then sell it again for 4000. Repeat the process until you are filthy rich.

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