The PC version of the action RPG Dark Devotion is launching on Steam on Apr 25th  for $19.99. The Arcade Crew and Hibernian Workshop made an official announcement on it, confirming PS4 and Switch versions to come in the future.

Here’s the game overview via Steam:


Be ready to explore the darkest secrets of a fallen temple and put a test to your Templar’s faith. In Dark Devotion, no sacrifice is enough towards God. It’s time to measure your very own bravery and devotion!

Take your journey to unveil the deepest darkness that would question challenge your existence. Every single encounter out there will challenge you and put your life on the line.

Dark Devotion
Dark Devotion involves a rich and immersive narrative that features a gloomy tale from your Templar.

Dark Devotion gameplay-wise

In unique worlds and environments, you’ll wield your weapons in quests to unveil the Temple’s secrets. Be careful: dark enemies and evil bosses are coming to destroy you and your helpless soul forever!

In Dark Devotion, there are arrays of weapons, relics and armors, extremely RPG appealing to help with your journey. Items have their own stats and attributes and also being customizable using mystical runes.

Dark Devotion
Strengthen yourself and adapt to your enemies if you want to survive.

Uncover the Dark Purpose

Dark Devotion is all about dedication, perseverance, and secrets. Every chest links to each other, every item brings about its own story, either it is a weapon, a letter or a clue.

Faith is the only thing from the Temple that protects you against heathen droves. Take them down, restore your faith to unlock paths, unique chests and much more.

Your Life On The Line

The Temple demands your death! Use your items wisely as they could heal you or dispel a deadly curse. item at the right time to heal your wounds or dispel a curse. Keep your eyes open to look for them, rumors said they scatter throughout the most secret places in the Temple.

Dark Devotion
Dark Devotion features fearsome bosses that by no means will show mercy.

Choose your route carefully as salvation is fleeting. In Devotion, each and every world offers different paths. They might seem different, but the connections are there and there is no retreat!

To complete quests requires sharp thinking and quick calculation. You can easily get lost in the Temple and maybe that’s your ultimate endgame!

Key Features

Dark Devotion features a dynamic & heavy combat system that comes along myriads of weapons, items, armor and even fighting styles. The game also includes an intricate system with lots of blessings and curses. Epic boss battles are waiting on the line alongside a complex storyline with rich details.

Below is the gameplay overview trailer, check it out now: