Shiro Games, the mastermind behind the excellent retro RPG Evoland and Viking-themed real-time strategy Northgard, has announced that its latest project, Darksburg, will be available on Steam next week, as an early access title. The closed beta period for the game was pretty successful, with thousands of participants – the game would be released on Feb 12.

In Darksburg, your job is to team up with three other players to defend the titular town as the ravenous hordes of zombies descend on it. You would get to pick between four characters, each with their own special stats and abilities: Wolfman Varag, Nun Abigail, Gourmet Runolf and Bounty Hunter Rose. Overall, it is like Left 4 Dead fused with Diablo – only by quick reflexes and correct use of abilities would you and your team be able to survive the map.

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The players defend the town square from the hordes

The counterparts of the four Darksburg defenders are the Revenants, which are like the special infected in Left 4 Dead. They are powerful undead that has special abilities of their own and would be the biggest challenge for the human team.

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Powerful skills should be saved for more dangerous foes

About the overall modes and maps of the game: the early access version of Darksburg is actually pretty decent, as the game has been worked on for quite a while. It would contain four playable survivors and four playable revenants, five maps from various parts of the town, and three game modes.

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Versus mode between 8 players

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the game – you can either face the horde alone with the help of three computer-controlled allies, coop with real people, do versus matches against teams of real people, and endless mode. All characters come with progression trees – you can customize your avatar in whatever build suitable with a huge range of combos, abilities, and perks.

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