Gray Zone is a narrative-driven RTS game set in a distant future. You will follow the story of a slave who tries to fight back against the corrupt government. You can check out the gameplay trailer of Gray Zone below.

Gray Zone has all the best mechanics from classic strategy games while making a few additions of its owns such as hero customization, tactical mode, new physics,... The game consists of 4 chapters which will introduce you to the world of Gray Zone with many types of creatures, animals, and memorable characters. Each chapter has a total of 6 missions.

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Control your heroes and units to complete mandatory and optional objectives

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Explore different places on different planets in the galaxy

To progress through the story, you control your heroes and troops to dodge or eliminate enemies, as required by the main quests or optional quests.

Valern Screen
You will join the adventure of a slave to fight against his corrupt empire

As your resources are limited, you will need to think carefully about how to use your units, items, and weapons. Try to take as little damage as possible after each mission to gain advantages in the long run. The tactical mode allows you to freeze time as much as you want so you have all the time in the world to think of the best strategy and made multiple orders at the same time.

Gray Zone Gameplay Teaser 1 8 Screenshot
Tactical mode let you freeze time to think about your strategy and execute multiple orders

Gray Zone will be coming to Steam's Early Access in March with a price of $19.99. The Early Access version will include 5 missions of the first chapter. The final mission and a bonus mission of chapter 1 will be released a few months after. The Early Access version has full features, sound, cutscenes, music, dialogues,... The price of the game might increase in the future when other chapters release.