Fred Done, the founder of a big bookmaker Betfred and a billionaire in the UK, is investing in esports. When esports investments becomes more common and trendy, this billionaire decided to join in this field. His investment comes to GGIntel, an Esports news network based in Manchester released in December 2019.

Investments Come To GGIntel Esport News Network

This website updates a lot of content related to esports and information about esports tournaments. The founder of Betfred bookmaker stated that the esports industry was growing up and expressed his interest in esports investment. He said he was so excited to join with GGIntel. The investor shared that he expected a lot in this co-operation with that passionate team. And he also hoped to build up a unique business in the esports field.

The Uk Billionaire Fred Done
The UK Billionaire Fred Done

These days, esports investments really make sense. It emerges as a fruitful field for investors, such as Millennial generation and Gen-Z. GGIntel is an ambitious esports news website with the aim of becoming the leader in this sector. They are bringing transparent and in-depth information related to esports. Moreover, the website also provides useful esports guides written by experts in this industry. Noticing the ambition and passion of GGIntel, Fred Done was delighted to invest and work with this firm.

Betfred Founder And British Billionaire Will Work
Betfred Founder And British Billionaire Will Invest In GGIntel

The Esports Potential

Esports is growing quickly with a continuously expanding community. As calculated, the young are spending their great concerns to esports. Reportedly, Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms are made out of 15% females and 85% males at the ages ranging from 18 to 34. Noticing this potential, many big brands, such as Nike, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz are sponsoring in esports. Others millionaires and billionaires don’t want to miss this great chance to increase their property. So does the UK billionaire Fred Done.

Ggintel Website
GGIntel Website