At the recent 2018 Game Awards, Phoenix Lab - the developer of Dauntless - revealed a new trailer that demonstrates its vision for the future of this monster slaying online game. Along with the game’s new content, the trailer also revealed that there will be a console as well as a mobile version for Dauntless at some point next year.

Dauntless console announce trailer

This is a part of an initiative of Phoenix Lab called “One Dauntless”, which is basically a target set to draw as much players’ attention to the game as possible. When Dauntless is officially released in 2019, players will get to choose any platform that they want to play. Especially, they can enjoy the game with anyone they want. This is possible because the game is going to boast a cross-platform play, which means players on all kinds of devices can join together and stay behemoths.

Get access to the game on any device without losing your process

Earlier this week, the game’s developers shared in an interview that they were trying their best to ensure that the game works flawlessly. Jesse Houston, one of the co-founders of the studios, stated that even though the technology is still being worked through, the main goal is to enable all players to take their save to any given platform of the game, which is vital when it comes to keeping the players’ progress regardless of where they play the game.

On December 6, there was also a seasonal event called Frostfall. With this, players now get the chance to explore Ramsgate but as a frozen over version. Furthermore, Valomyr, a new Behemoth, is introduced during this event. Lastly, the developers also featured a Hunt Pass. This offers the game’s players a whole season of emotes, cosmetics and items for $10. Houston once compared it with Battle Pass of the game Fortnite.

Slaying monster across platforms with other players

The last time we visited Dauntless was in its open beta, the art style and gameplay was fun and charming. The game has, of course, developed a lot ever since that time, and as Phoenix Labs confirmed, it will continue doing the same thing in the next few years.

Dauntless is going to be available for Windows PC and PlayStation 4, you can easily find it on Epic Games store. The game will also be available for Xbox One in April 2019, with mobile and Switch version to come afterward.