Death End re;Quest 2 was introduced by Compile Heart on this week's issue of Famitsu. The game is making its way to PS4 for the Japanese market, but we still acquire no expected date for the official release.

Death End Request 2
Compile Heart has recently announced Death End re;Quest 2.

This game is the second installment in the series and features a plot written by Makoto Kedouin, who also worked on the first title. Horror fans could be familiar with this name because he's the creator of the Corpse Party series. Kei Nanameda, the one behind many Compile Heart titles like Trillion: God of Destruction, will bear the responsibility of character designs. More details will come out when this week's Famitsu magazine is published.

It looks like the sequel will come with an entirely new experience for the fans. With brand-new characters and storyline, the developer revealed that the game will “bring fear and despair to players”, while also being easy to approach even if players have no experience with the first game. These statements may imply that this upcoming title is very likely to have few or no connection with the storyline of Death End re;Quest.

Death End Request 1
The first game was released in 2018.

The first game hit PS4 and PC platform in 2018. It was a fine combination of horror visual novel and turn-based gameplay. The game is all about game development and characters who stuck inside a game. So the game was inspired by Sword Art Online, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but this kind of plot may have been overused a little bit too much. Other than that, this looks like a great game with stunning visuals that you may want to give it a try when it comes out.

Ps4death End Request2 1 15 Screenshot
The game doesn't have an exact release date yet

Death End re;Quest 2 seems to be available for the west in the near future. However, there is no information given at the moment.