About a month ago, we've announced you about a beautiful and cute JRPG game about time-traveling - Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers.

And as the game release date is coming really soon, the publisher has given us a useful guide for newcomers.

It comes in the form of a trailer video, and you can watch its with us below:

Things to notice from the trailer

I said this video is a guide for newcomers because Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers has already come out. To be more specific, it's the product from Nippon Ichi Software that has reached the Japanese market this March. However, at that time, the game is solely Japanese, and non-native speaker can't just enjoy it without understanding what they're reading.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Traveler On Switch And P
The regional version of the game only has the Japanese language option

Luckily, NIS America has decided to bring this game with full English support to North America, Europe, and Oceania. We can touch our hands on this gem in around 3 months. And to remind us about this title, the publisher has revealed a new trailer - a guide to time-travelers!

This trailer showed us a glimpse of some special features in this game. First of all, it shows that the combats in the game are turn-based, in which each character will perform their own action. We can only see the "Attack" choice, and whether we can perform some special moves is still unknown.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Travelers New Gameplay T
We don't know what other choices are yet

Secondly, the guide also shows us on upgrades that you can make with the strange robot - Isaac. According to the video, Issac will have three forms, including the Guardian Form, the Rescue Form, and the Outlaw Form. Each form has a distinctive look, and you can upgrade all of them with the gears that you collected through the battles.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Travelers New Gameplay T
All three forms have various spaces to fill some gears in

Last but not least, you can customize the outfits of Sherry as well. The little girl needs to be pretty even in the middle of the time-traveling trip. It seems that you can unlock more outfits for her by exploring through the whole story.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Travelers New Gameplay T
There are a lot of clothes for Sherry to try on

It's still a long time until the game hits the market. Hence, we can expect more trailer of the game coming out in the future!

About Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers

Hearing those names above may be quite strange for people that have missed our previous article. That's why we will give you a short summary of what the game is about.

Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers tells the story of a town called Clocknee. It was the midnight of January 1st, 2000, and the people living here were celebrating the coming of a new Millenium. However, the time has stuck right at this moment, and everything in the town was frozen.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Traveler On Switch And P
The time was out of joint in the town of Clocknee

Suddenly, a horde of robots has invaded the town. Sherry - a 10-year-old girl that can still act normally - will have to take on her journey back to the past and ahead to the future to solve this mystery. That might be a very tough task for a young girl, but she'll have the assistance from her friend Pegreo - and a strange robot - Issac.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Traveler On Switch And P
Meet Sherry - the main heroine of Destiny Connect: Tick Tock Travelers

This game features beautiful graphics with a rich story and hybrid gameplay. It's the mixture of action, adventure, and platformer, in which you not only have to explore the world but also fight against those hostile machines.

Destiny Connect Tick Tock Traveler On Switch And P
Sherry and her two friends will have to learn the mystery to save the town!

You can catch some of its vibes through the first trailer here:

Release date and supported platforms

Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers is heading to North America on October 22, Europe on October 25 and Oceania on November 1.

Only console users can have this title at launch, as its only supports PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Other platforms might have to pray for the game's success to get their version in the future.