Devil May Cry 5 receives new “banana” DLC

Talking about the Devil May Cry series, we’re talking about glamorous fights, satisfying combo, bloodiness, and silliness. The latest one in the series, Devil May Cry 5, was not an exception.

Previously, Capcom has proved that they can make the game from very epic to very silly released various hilarious DLC. From a Megabuster from Mega Man to a Pasta Breaker, Capcom is always generous in providing options for gamers.

Introducing Nero's Pasta Breaker
Introducing Nero's Pasta Breaker

This time, the silliness continues with a brand new free DLC called Monkey Business. PlayStation has described that the DLC adds a new Devil Breaker to Nero’s arsenal “that looks like a bunch of bananas”.

Yup, you’ve read that right. Bananas.

You can see the bananas in action below:

About Nero’s new potassium arm

Devil Breaker was supposed to be a prosthetic arm that empowers Nero. It gives him a lot of new useful abilities in combat, depending on what type he puts on. As you process through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new kinds of Devil Breaker, such as a metal whip or a shockwave firing ones.

Devil May Cry 5 New Free Dlc Gives Nero A Bunch Of
The Overture Devil Breaker that releases shockwaves

However, the new Monkey Business arm is definitely not suitable for providing such advantages. According to the description from Capcom, the new one is a “big, bendy, revolving bananas are amusing, but not particularly useful in battle”.

Nero can now show his enemy that he means real monkey business now. His new juicy arm has the same mechanics as the Helter Skelter. It also explodes, leaving the enemies with a sticky yellow mess.

Even though the banana-spinning drill has no additional damage output for Nero, he can still remind his enemies as well as the players getting enough potassium to keep staying healthy.

Look how
Look how "cool" Nero is with a bunch of banana

You can’t buy the new arm motorhome, but it drops occasionally at random stages.

The Monkey Business Devil Breaker is available to all players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.