Sooner or later, a Warhammer will appear in each and every game genre. If you are a fan of this kind of game, you are not at all short of choice. Some of them are Warhammer Left 4 Dead, Total War: Warhammer, and the latest name in line is a combination of Warhammer and Diablo, which is kind of self-explanatory. So a pinch of Diablo sprinkled on Warhammer framework and we will see how this collaboration turns out to be.

The storyline goes like this: The Chaos gods and their demons are raiding the major cities of the Empire. You will be one of the four heroes and your mission is to wipe them all out.

We have had some of the initial sneak peek into this new title with the captain and high elf mage skills. The Captain uses a mace as his weapon, can call for fireballs to circle around him, which can burn the enemy, and possesses a stun attack. The latter class can strike from a distance and they can teleport at will away from a mess.

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The high elf hast he power of teleporting

This game shares a striking resemblance with Diablo 3 when one first sees it. However, when the game starts to run, it looks more like Gauntlet. Several abilities of one class are made to be an accompaniment of those of others. For example, the high elf can decelerate time, which syncs perfectly with the captain’s buff. Combining these two abilities means that the boosted heroes have double the edge over the demons.

The right stick can control one ability of each class of heroes, which can be either launching yourself to the fight or performing a stunt. Others let players manage a spell with that stick. For example, for the high elf, you can use the method to guide their fireball. So Warhammer Diablo is perfectly compatible with a control pad.

ARPGs can sometimes be tedious and repetitive but this game has a special feature to eliminate that.  While you may have to use the same move again and again in some of the ARPGs, Warhammer Diablo offers guided attack to allow you more freedom over the fight. This nice change can also stimulate players to converse. Since the attack can be in any direction the player wants, he or she must notify others so that they can be prepared.

Apart from that, the game has in stock a few other additions to encourage collaboration. For one, the gear menu of each hero can fit in just a fraction of the screen so that it will not bother the rest of your team. While Diablo 3 may highlight the difference among players’ ability but that issue is solved completely in Chaosbane. The XP gain can boost your alley power even if that player does not have the same level as you.

The first look of Chaosbane in action

While details about the loot are not yet to be revealed, there are rumors saying that gear sets take up a larger portion of the supply. To increase the attraction, the developers add some special benefits like something a renowned Warhammer’s hero used to wear. That is all we know for now as no information is revealed about who the heroes are. However, a lot of players will be tempted by the notion that they can actually have a chance to have the look of someone like Karl Franz for example.

The sets are there to create a quintessential Warhammer’s feel and look. The way the camera works makes the continent of human looks quintessential to its subgenre.

Warhammer and Diablo combine seamlessly in this new game, giving Chaosbane a totally different feel to one of its brothers, the Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor—Martyr. That Warhammer element might finally sets Chaosbane apart from the two top players: Path of Exile and Diablo 3.

However, now is too early to jump into conclusion on the faith of this game. Players will have to see and experience for themselves and decide if the heroes and what they can do are up to par to keep the interest of gamers. From what we have already known, Warhammer: Chaosbane sounds like a worth-waiting-for title, especially for those who like to roam the Old World in a squad as Warhammer heroes.