Everreach: Project Eden is a fast-paced ARPG from Elder Games studio. In a strange stunning world called Planet Eden, you will be playing as Nora Harwood, a member of Everreach’s Security Division, to protect the colonization process on the planet while at the same time discover mysterious incidents that are happening. You can watch the trailer of Everreach: Project Eden below.

In the entire galaxy, Eden is the first planet we can find that allows humans to live on. Our scientists, mechanics, and construction workers are already on the planet and built a big city for people to stay. However, the opening of the city has been delayed due to some unpredicted problems. A team of specialists (including you) has been assigned to investigate the case and to bring things back to normal.

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Take part in high-speed vehicular combats

In this unfamiliar alien planet, there are tons of things for you to find out and discover such as weird creatures or an ancient civilization. With a complex skill system plus frequent intensive shooter action, the game will drag you into its beautiful world and make you a part of its intriguing story.

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You can enjoy the magnificent scenery in this strange alien world

Key features:

  • Enjoy the beauty of Eden, the alien planet that might become the second home of humans in the future.
  • Find out about what happened to the civilizations that once lived here.
  • An open-world with many secrets, hidden items, quests, and plots.
  • The environment plays an important role in battles.
  • A skill tree with more than 80 upgrades.
  • Take part in high-speed high-speed vehicular warfare with your hoverbike.

Discover ancient civilizations that once lived here in Eden and find out about why they were exterminated

Everreach: Project Eden will be published by Headup this December for PC (Steam) and Xbox One.