Earlier today, during a press release, Electronic Arts revealed that they will bring their games to Steam - after 8 years of being absent from Valve's digital storefront. According to EA, Jedi: Fallen Order will be the first game that they released on Steam. Eight years ago, back in 2011, EA said goodbye to Valve and start publishing games digitally on their own - with the release of Origin, EA's own digital games store.

EA's games will be back on Steam after 8 years of absence

After Jedi: Fallen Order, EA will also release some of their popular titles on Steam, like Unravel Two and The Sims 4. Along with that is their library of currently-running multiplayer games, including Battlefield V, Fifa 20, and Apex Legends. All those above titles will be released on Steam in early 2020, with cross-platform play between Origin and Steam being supported. According to a leak from a gaming magazine, you will also be able to merge the Origin's friend list onto your Steam account.

Of course, Origin will still up and running - along with the Origin Access subscription service. This service will offer gamers a huge library of over 200 titles, for free, if you subscribe to the service. Along with that, if you pay attention to the Steam Page of Jedi: Fallen Order, you can see a small requirement of “Download & Installation Of The Origin Client Software Required To Play.”For this reason, it's clearly that you will need Origin installed to play EA's games on Steam - similar to Ubisoft's releases requiring Uplay installed.

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Steam is still the most famous digital games store at the moment

Along with that, according to some rumors, Origin is still an important part of EA's future - as the main platform for their cloud gaming service named Atlas. And with the story of Ubisoft where they still can make profits with Uplay even when they continue to publish their game on Steam with their subscription service; EA is expected to do the same with Project Atlas and Origin.

And for this reason, maybe partnered with Valve once again will prove to be the best of both worlds - for both EA and Valve.