Divinity: Fallen Heroes, the strategy game Larian Studios has been working on, has been delayed indefinitely. Based on the announcement issued by the studio, the game has not been canceled yet, however, there are no deadlines for it to get back online.

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Fallen Heroes' main attraction would be the Coop function in which players would combine their abilities together

Based on the post on Larian’s official Twitter handle, Divinity: Fallen Heroes is originally scheduled for a Nov 2019 release. However, as the release date comes closer, everyone on the development team has realized that it needs far more resources and development time. Furthermore, they want to issue an apology to players who are excited about Divinity: Fallen Heroes, as the game would be canned for the immediate future. This is probably for the best, as a slow but completed game is definitely better than a rushed one.

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The graphics in Fallen Heroes is very similar to that of Divinity: Original Sin 2

Fallen Heroes was announced back in March. It is expected to be a spinoff of the current Divinity Series. It would have the same mechanic as Divinity 2, being an isometric role-playing game. The length of Divinity: Fallen Heroes is expected to be thirty hours. The highlight of the game is its coop mode, with each player take a turn and combine their characters’ abilities at the same time.

Baldur's Gate 3 might arrive sooner than you would expect

During E3 2019, Larian mentioned that it is working on a new project called Baldur’s Gate 3, the sequel of the legendary RPG franchise Baldur’s Gate. While that title’s status is still “Ongoing”, Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to be available on Google’s Stadia. As Stadia’s release date is coming very soon, on November 19 – it is very likely that Larian is crunching to finish the work so that they could get the game out on time. In the meantime, Logic Artists would continue working on its Expeditions series, which contains the well regarded turn-based RPG Expeditions: Viking.

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