Throughout the years we have seen some of the greatest mysteries appear in Fortnite, the Battle Royale. We don’t know for sure what happened with Kevin the Cube after the explosion back in season six. We also have no idea about what’s with those dragon eggs under the Polar Peak. However, the greatest Fortnite mystery has to be whether your matches are getting harder overtime in aligned with the better you get. In short, does a matchmaking system based on skill exist in Fortnite?

Fortnite matchmaking system
Fortnite is a phenomenon online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017.

Generally, Epic Games never confirms this but they also never deny its existence. A lot of Fortnite players, though, believe that there is such a system within common game modes like Solo, Duos and of course Squads. The catch here is that Epic Games simply did not mention it in their public patch notes.

Regarding such system, players will enter matches alongside competitors of the same skill level. This is not something unfamiliar: Pop-Up Cups event in the past is an example. They had already paired players with opponents that shared similar points to them within a session.

A skill-based matchmaking system in Fortnite would definitely have a major effect on player’ matchmaking as well as the competitiveness of their lobbies.

Below is everything you should know about such matchmaking system if it is here in Fortnite.

What exactly is a skill-based matchmaking system?

Fortnite skill-based matchmaking system
Skill-based matchmaking system is not something unfamiliar for gamers.

In such system, players find matches with other players of the same game knowledge and mechanical skills as them.

This information will generally be calculated through match history and stats. The stats might include your win percentage or number of wins, average game kills, average placing in accordance with matches played. These factors, alongside a specific algorithm will measure a player’s skill level and therefore calculate his skill rating.

We all know that these components are easy to measure and every player will be having these stats. Hence, Fortnite should be able to pair players of the same skill range and create a match making for 100 same-skill-level players. This matchmaking system really seems fair, doesn't it? Nonetheless, it is rational to take into account both the pros and cons to implement such a matchmaking system.

The advantages 

Players with rather higher skills will face tougher opponents in their matches. It could be a different playstyle or simply higher skilled players that would be a real challenge.

For newbie and casual ones, on the other hand, will not meet highly-skilled players that would create an unexciting gaming experience for them. For example, they won’t meet pro players with perfect aim or extremely fast builders.

However, there are downsides to this matchmaking system as well, and we’re here to discuss them.

The disadvantages

The uneven distribution of player’ skill ratings is always there. There won’t be too many players with really high and really low ratings: most of the players will be in the intermediate skill ratings. Therefore, average skilled players would face no problem finding matches for themselves. However, either really bad or really good players would need a while to find their matches.

For streamers and pro players like “Tfue” (Turner Tenney) or “Ninja” (Tyler Blevins), it could take minutes to pair them properly in a match using this system. The same problem happens to new and casual players that only play for fun in Fortnite.

Ninja - skill-based matchmaking system
Ninja is a living legend in Fortnite, he is one of the best players if not the very best.

This could potentially lead to a situation in which highly-ranked players creating a secondary account and queue in lower skill ratings just to be able to find a match.

All in all, these ups and downs are still in theory, however. We don’t have any proof about its existence in Fortnite and the effects it brings about just yet.