Back to this May, we've announced you about the hybrid title of two extremely famous brands: Doraemon - the classic Japanese comic from Fujio Fujiko and Story of Seasons - the notorious farming series, which is originally Harvest Moon. Its name is Doraemon Story of Seasons, and it came from the hands of Bandai Namco Entertainment, Marvelous and Brownies.

However, at that time, we only knew that the game will come for Switch in Japan only in June (which it did), and worldwide launch on an unknown date of Autumn 2019. And suddenly, the game has jumped out of nowhere for PCs and Nintendo Switch over the world last weekend, with a free demo as the developer and publisher has promised!

Below is the launch trailer of the game, which you can have a look if you've missed our coverage in May:

The story of Doraemon Story of Seasons:

The journey of Doraemon, Noby and their friends starts as they found a strange seed in their garden. To satisfy their curiosity, the two decided to plant it, and the seed grows into a tree right to the sky as soon as they give it some water.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
The giant trees raise from the mysterious seeds that Noby and Doraemon found

Out of nowhere, a huge storm reigns over the world, blow Doraemon, Noby and their friends to the sky. Landing on a different world named "Season Town" with a mystical big tree at the center, the crew are baffled and lost finding a way to come back. Fortunately, there comes a character namely 'Launch' guiding them to get back home.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
The crew was brought to a totally strange place by the storm

Initially, the five friends will have to help the villagers in the Season Town, healing the town, and embarks on the adventure of heart-warming moments in Doraemon Story of Seasons!

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Doraemon Story of Seasons is a farm simulation game, in which you'll dive in the land of Natura with Doraemon and the friends. Your main task is completing various quests to reconstruct the village while finding a way to return home.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
Doraemon Story Of Seasons is a farm simulator

To be more specific, Noby will work for a ruined farm of Launch, Doraemon is the assistant of the Mayor, Shizuka takes care of the jobs at the infirmary, and Suneo works for a restaurant. Each of them has different sets of missions: such as fishing, planting, serving, doing paperwork, and so on. With the elements of Story of Seasons, your adventure in this mystical village is endless.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
Noby is the main character of this game

But you don't worry about completing tasks endlessly, as you'll enjoy the story of the characters here. While helping the villagers here, you'll also have chances to establish and tighten your bonds with them, and will learn about their life's stories as well. The developer has promised that there are a lot of heart-warming interactions between you and the characters, which will ensure the experience you can get through a Doraemon story.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
Learn about the life of the villagers while forming bonds with them

Last but not least, you'll see the magical gadgets of Doraemon through the games. They'll help you not only with your adventure but also the daily work, too. Just imagine walking to your destination in no time with the Anywhere Door! It's very useful if Noby needs to ship his boxes to sell his crops.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
It's not just about farming, it's about adventuring as well!

For further details on the activities that you can do in Doraemon Story of Seasons, you can check them out in our previous articles.

Out now for Switch and PC

Worldwide fans can satisfy their nostalgia for both the story of Doraemon and the gameplay of Story of Seasons with this game now.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Is Officially Out Free D
Enjoy your farming experience in the world of Doraemon on Switch and PC!

Doraemon Story of Seasons has come out for PC and Switch, and you can grab it at the price of $49.99. Enjoy!