In what is probably one of the most bizarre chains of events in the competitive history of Dota 2, Indonesian team BOOM ID faced off against Team Team from North America in the Bucharest Minor tournament in a best-of-three match and surrendered in a game when they would have won. This critical mistake later resulted in BOOM ID getting eliminated from the tournament.

Boom Id

The event happened on January 11 when the two teams met in a Lower Bracket playoff round. Game 1 was incredibly close until the 49-minute mark, when Team Team won a game-deciding teamfight and killed all of BOOM’s heroes. At the same time, though, the Indonesian team’s creeps had made their way into Team Team’s base and were hammering away on their Ancient.

The American team did not send any member back to defend, however. Apparently they were too focused on taking down BOOM’s Ancient that they did not notice that their own was under attack and was getting very low on health. Unfortunately, neither did BOOM ID, it seemed. Even though it was clear that their creeps were going to destroy Team Team’s Ancient first and thus win them the game, the Indonesians inexplicably typed “GG” in all-chat, indicating their surrender.

The entire sequence between BOOM ID and Team Team

BOOM ID then came back to win the second game of the series, which would have ended it right there with their victory if they had made the right call. With things being as they were, though, the win only led to a game 3 which Team Team handily won, resulting in BOOM being eliminated from the tournament.

This misstep from BOOM ID was regarded by the Dota 2 community, including many analysts, as “the biggest throw of all time”. The Indonesian team then went home with a prize of $7,500 and, understandably, much regret.

The Bucharest Minor was a tournament held in Bucharest, Romania from January 9 to 13. It featured 8 teams from across the globe with a total prize pool of $300,000 (Rs 21,144,000). In the end, it was team EHOME from China that won the title of champions and a spot to participate in the Chongqing Major tournament, which is taking place later this month.

Team Ehome
Team EHOME, the champions of the Bucharest Minor