Don't need to be a Dota player

Recently, Drodo Studio from China has released a new custom mode for the famous Dota 2 and it has been taking over the Dota 2 quickly.  It has reached the milestone of 100, 000 player at the same time and also more than 670, 000 subscribers.  The name of this new mode is  Dota Auto Chess. It is a tactical, strategic complex combination of Dota custom map and board game. The gameplay will combine and mix heroes together to upgrade them, then you would need to train them.

Dota Auto Chess A New And Rising Dota 2 Custom Mod
The battleground in Dota Auto Chess

After you will use your strategic skill to deploy them on the battlefield over other eight players, thus you need to win against all of them in 1-one-1 match to achieve victory. As of today, the game has become insanely popular, it even has more players at once than Football Manager and GTA 5. Taking after Dota 2, this new mode is free.

Nothing like chess or Dota 2

Even though the name Dota Auto Chess, the game has little to nonresemblance to the traditional chess match of 8x8 but rather like mods  Hero Line Wars, Legion TD of Warcraft 3.

Dota Auto Chess A New And Rising Dota 2 Custom Mod
Fighting in Dota Auto Chess

For each game some you will be given a random collection of heroes that you could buy using gold. Then you will need to deploy them in a grid battlefield and they will fight each other automatically. You could combine for a more powerful version of a hero by purchase 3 of the same hero ( like buy 3 Axe Warrior you would have a stronger one). If you have 3 of the same type, you will get a bonus for that type.

Dota Auto Chess A New And Rising Dota 2 Custom Mod
Choose your heroes

And everything is timed.30 seconds to purchase and combine your heroes, and you also need to keep an eye on what your opponent is purchasing also because there are 20 heroes for purchase. If your opponent purchased all the combo from the pool then good luck next time.

Dota Auto Chess is a very fun game, and each round is very quick so that you will keep playing forever. And because the fighting is automatic, then you don't even have to know how to play Dota 2. Lose on match because of bad luck. Then just try another one or enter battle with the Ai to train yourself.