The developer AZAMATICA seems to have a deep love for the concept of Hell. After Grim Reaper Simulator Peace Death, as it has released Draw Chilly - a game fun pixelated action-adventure game of building Hell.

To be more specific, you'll bring hordes of engineers down to the Purgatory to start building their own Hell here. However, after seeing the trailer below, I must say that they are a lot better at ruining the buildings rather than constructing them:

The story of Draw Chilly

Draw Chilly puts you into the shoes of Vladimir on his journey to construct Hell. He has received the order from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and will have to clean the mess in the Purgatory. To be more specific, the pure-hearted duke will have to fight the most unlikely creatures to accidentally get in Hell: the wicked monkeys, the Grim Reaper's cats, and many more.

Draw Chilly Launch Pc Switch 4
Vladimir has to build his city in Hell

Things are getting strangers and strangers, as he'll have to lead his crew through stages of the Purgatory and deliver those lost here to the Reapers, so he can send them to the place they should be.

As you further develop your city and grow up your squad, you'll gradually reveal the past stories of each of the bosses as well as Vladimir's past as well. In the end, you'll finally meet your employers - the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - the most humourous being in this universe!

Draw Chilly Launch Pc Switch 3
Who said Darksiders has the coolest Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Gameplay features

Basically, Draw Chilly is an action-adventure game with pixelated graphics portraying the strange imagination of the developers. Specifically, you'll play as Vladimir and his engineering team to build up a city from the chaotic Purgatory. You'll have to wander around the map and collect chickens - the main source of energy to upgrade the city and gaining new abilities.

The more developed your city gets, it will give you more assistants and abilities, which help the kind-hearted Vladimir deal with the strange creatures here in the most non-violent way as possible. To be more specific, you can flush them away by summoning the giant pink worm that vomits pink bullets in the sky, or just use burning meteor instead.

Draw Chilly Launch Pc Switch 1
Featuring the weirdest enemies in Hell - monkeys!

And if things get too difficult, you still have your last insurance: your employers. You are able to call for support from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and they can deal with every situation. However, you can only summon them as long as your Magnet bar is full, and if you succeed, the horsemen will give you some gifts to help you in future battles for summoning them.

Draw Chilly Launch Pc Switch 2
Not anyone can stand a chance against those enormous cats!

Draw Chilly is very strange yet hilarious, and it's out now for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. It's also under a 10% discount now, which you can give a look at.