At the E3 press conference for Xbox of Microsoft in 2019, there have been various titles being introduced, ranging from those of existing game franchises to the brand new titles. Among those was 12 Minutes, an interactive thriller game about a man trapped in a time loop. Luis Antonio’s creation, published by Annapurna Interactive, made its appearance in the E3 conference, capturing the attention and interest of many reviewers.

Screenshot 6
The trailer of the game looks 'promising'

Before the conference, gamers had already known some of the titles showing up there, including the appearance of Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. However, what they didn’t expect was the premiere of 12 Minutes, whose trailer was quite ambiguous while being straightforward.  

The trailer begins with one couple in a darkened room. They were sitting in a table when the woman gave the man a surprise gift, but he could easily tell it was “outfit for a newborn.” The woman was, in fact, the person getting a surprise as the man revealed that he had already known she was pregnant. He went on saying that there was a person who claimed that the woman had killed her father coming to hurt them.

Screenshot 2
The 2 main characters of the game seemingly

While she denied the claim and tried to explain the death of her father, the potential knocked on the door and required the couple to open it. Although the attacker called himself a police officer, the man knew the real identity of the man outside was actually an attacker. The intruder then broke the door and had a fistfight with the man to knock him down while the woman ran away.

Screenshot 3
The third person down from the top view of 12 Minutes

For the rest of the footage, they showed small pieces of in-game moments, both intense and light-hearted. The trailer ended with the man shouting in frustration and punching on the floor. With the ending description from creators that 12 Minutes was “an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop,” the trailer seems to be little less mysterious and cryptic. Everything started to make sense; considering the first reaction from the man to the surprising gift earlier, he appeared to have experienced this over and over again.  

Screenshot 7
This game seems to bring us through a lot of possibilities of the main character's reality

The intriguing trailer of 12 Minutes seems to have captured the attention of many gamers. Also, the game came from the same studio as the acclaimed What Remains of Edith Finch, which increased the expectation from the players about this title.

12 Minutes will be coming out on PC and Xbox One soon.