The reboot title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is still showing more details and information for the fan in E3 this year. The developer of this game – Infinity Ward – had a panel during the E3 2019 convention to deliver information of its next title. This panel has surely boosted up the hype for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, which will be officially released on October 25th.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Characters Story Gamepl
The hype is still going up for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot title

There may not be gameplay footage of this title in E3 this year. However, Infinity Ward decided to show up some leaks about the multiplayer mode in the game. And this is the first time this game developer gives out hints about the most played mode in its game.

High-quality in-game screenshots released

Infinity Ward has released two high-quality screenshots in the game during its panel in E3. These two images show us the visual quality of the game, thanks to the new engine that Infinity Ward has built for the game. The first image is a camouflaged soldier hiding in a pile of leaves in the iconic Gillie suit. He is aiming his suppressed sniper rifle down the sight.

Multiplayer Screenshot 1 Modern Warfare E3 Sniper
The iconic Gillie suit

The second image features a very iconic and fearful Juggernaut suit carrying a destructively powerful minigun. Infinity Ward also confirmed that this suit will appear in the Spec Ops game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Multiplayer Screenshot 2 Modern Warfare E3 Juggern
The iconic Juggernaut suit

New gameplay features

During the presentation, the developers spoke about some new aspects of the Modern Warfare gameplay, which were added as part of their effort to making the game feel as close as possible to the real world.

During its panel, Infinity Ward shared a few new features of the gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. All of these features serve the purpose of making this title as realistic as possible. The first revealed feature is that now bullets can penetrate through the walls in the game. With this new feature, you are now capable of hitting your enemies or accidentally hitting your allies through walls.

Modern Warfare 2019 Call Of Duty Art Season Pass C
This looks to be the most politically controversial FPS game of all time

The second revealed feature is that the game will have both bigger and smaller scale battles, in comparison with the 2007 title. You will now have to strike a base, even a hill full of enemies. However, these features are confirmed for the single player campaign only. Infinity Ward has not said anything about these features in multiplayer mode.

Plot and characters of the single-player campaign

In this panel, Infinity Ward also introduced some more new characters of the game for the single-player campaign. The first thing is about the traditional Captain Price. This guy will return to this reboot title, no doubt about that. But this is a reboot title, so Infinity Ward will bring a "new take on him". This new Captain Price will be a tribute to the original character in the 2007 title, yet he will have some new fresh air to offer the fans too.

Captain Price Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign
No Captain Price, no party for Call of Duty

The other new characters that have been shown were:

- A former British Army Officer working for the domestic counter-terror department named Sergeant Kyle Gerrick. This guy will meet Captain Price in the game.

- A CIA undercover agent in the Middle East region named Alex

- The Commander of the Rebel Army named Farrah

Kyle Garrick Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign
Character Sergeant Kyle Garrick

Alex Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign
Character Alex

Farrah Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaignm
Character Farrah

About the plot for the campaign, the first side will be played as a soldier in the Tier 1 Operator with Captain Price. The second side will be played as character Alex. As playing in the second side, you will be in the Middle East, and you will follow the orders of Farrah.

Full replay of the panel by Infinity Ward in E3 2019 is right below.