After a report claims that EA publishers have stopped working on a Star Wars-based open world game, EA confirmed that it is still fully committed to producing more Star Wars-based game. However, EA now mainly focuses on smaller projects with faster development turnarounds.

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There are rumors that EA was eliminating the Star Wars-based open world game. The game has been developed in EA Vancouver-based office since October 2017. And the company closed a Star-Wars project codenamed Ragtag and Visceral Games developer the same month.

However, it is reported that EA Vancouver restarted “Ragtag”, maintaining a few of its old assets, however, expanding its setting from an action-adventure game into a game in the open world. The project also fashioned itself a new codename “Orca”. The project was in its early stage of development, and it was said to be surrounding a bounty hunter or scoundrel character who would be interacting with other Star War characters.

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However, EA administration allegedly chose to release another “Star Wars” project sooner than their previous “Orca”, it could mean that EA is currently working on a smaller project which aims for a release in 2020.

It is unofficial whether EA has canceled its “Orca” project or not. EA only stated that their work in Vancouver is ongoing and will expand further into further “Star Wars” games and contents.


The franchise, which is now owned by Disney Company, is still currently under a multi-title, multi-year licensing agreement between Disney and EA. The agreement was signed in 2013, which have EA focus on producing games for hardcore “Star Wars” fans, and Disney Interactive focused on titles for casual audiences on online gaming, and mobiles platforms. Ever since the deal was signed, EA has created some online shooting games including “Battlefront” and “Battlefront II”. An upcoming third project will come from “Titanfall” developer Respawn Entertainment, which is currently known as “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It was first revealed during E3 2018.