In their effort to compete with Steam, since its debut, Epic Games Store has been giving away a lot of free games. This “free games program is definitely the biggest perk of having an Epic Account. The best part is that all those games given away are not trash games like the usual free stuff on Steam or Indiegala – they are actually legit great titles.

This program started bi-weekly, however, Epic has ramped it up to a weekly update some time ago. The reason behind their ability to just give away all the games for free is their amazing revenues from Unreal Engine and Fortnite – they can just use that money to buy exclusives upon exclusives.

In yesterday’s The Game Awards, Epic has announced a mega holiday giveaway event in which one game would be given away for free every day for twelve days. The event would begin on Dec 19 and last until Jan 1 (which is actually 14 days). It is likely that the giveaway would skip two days: Christmas and New Year’s eve. The actual details about the 12 free games haven’t been revealed, however, based on the quality of the giveaways throughout the year, they are likely to be good games.

The current two free games this week

To get all these free goodies, you only need to have a free Epic account. Once a game is added to your library, you would be able to access it forever. The current free games on the store this week are The Wolf Among Us and Escapists. They are both great games with amazing reviews on Steam, and The Wolf Among Us is going to get a sequel pretty soon. Both games can be downloaded until Dec 19, 9:30 PM IST.

Epic Games Batman Arkham Lego Free
They have given away 6 Batman games before

Based on previous announcements from Epic, this giveaway program would run until 2019 ends - this holiday's 12 games giveaway might be the last cycle of this event. For more information about new reveals in The Game Awards, please check out this post.