Recently, Gabe Newell, the co-founder of the video game development and digital distribution company Valve Corporation, has officially announced that Eric Wolpaw, the writer of the famous games, Portal and Half-Life 2 has come back to the company.

Valve Gabe Newell Fires Dota Tournament Staff Jpg
Gabe Newell, Valve corporation's co-founder

It is known that Wolpaw said his farewell to the company in February two years ago, in addition to various other writers such as Jay Pinkerton and Marc Laidlaw. Previously, Pinkerton came back to the company around July in 2018.

The relevant information about the return of Wolpaw has been shared on the social networks in a clear email sent by Gabe Newell. Shack News also confirmed the return of the writer by reviewing the credits for Artifact, a Valve card game. Accordingly, it saw that the writer is credited, which means he came back around the last quarter of last year.

Erik Wolpaw Back At Valve Half Life 3 Confirmed No
Eric Wolpaw might come back around the last quarter of last year

Everyone is still guessing what Pinkerton and Wolpaw are working on. However, rumour has it that they are on track for Half-Life VR. No matter how it is, it is undeniable that Valve is preparing for something exciting when it tried its best to persuade Pinkerton and Wolpaw come back.

It is said that Marc Laidlaw, the head of Half-Life writer team, posted a script’s vision for the game’s Episode 3, which stopped the hope of many people about the continued part of Half-Life game. However, this recent information once again sparked hope for these game lovers.

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For those who do not know about these games, Half-Life is a video game developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in 1998. Due to the return of Eric Wolpaw, many people guess that two writers Pinkerton and Wolpaw are working on to launch Half-Life VR.