Earlier last month, we've announced you about a beautiful sci-fi action-adventure game namely Everreach: Project Eden. It's a new product from the developer Elder Game Studio, which will allow you to reach a visually-stunning planet of Eden and learn about the first colonization progress here.

However, at that time, we only know about the special features of the game via words and some early images. While it's enough to give you an overview of the game, but it definitely not show you how the fast-paced actions in Everreach: Project Eden look.

Fortunately, the publisher Headup is giving us a brand new gameplay trailer to raise the hype level up a week before its launch, and you can watch it below:

The story of Everreach: Project Eden

Everreach: Project Eden take the futuristic settings on the exotic planet of Eden - the first inhabitable planet that humankind has found in the universe. The Everreach's Security Division is the organization that holds the responsibility of exploring this planet and investigating whether it's safe for human colonization yet.

To be able to prepare for human's new home, the organization has sent a crew consists of construction workers, scientists and technicians to build the first cities of humans on Eden. However, as the settlement process has closely come to its finish, there are some unpredictable accidents, forcing the project to delay for a bit.

Everreach Project Eden Wall02
The cities were almost done, but sudden events have caused a slight delay

In this game, you'll take control of Nora Harwood - a staff of Everreach's Security Division. Her job is to make a journey to explore planet Eden, and look into the recent mysterious cases. Equipped with advanced technology, Nora will embark on the journey through various biomes, including caves, forests, and deserts, and unveil the secret of the alien civilization here.

Everreach Project Eden New Gameplay Trailer 1
Nora Harwood will carry the responsibility to investigate these cases

Will she be able to bring a new hope back to the human's base?

Gameplay features

According to the developer, Everreach: Project Eden is a narrative-driven RPG game about exploring the vivid Planet Eden. Stepping into the shoes of Nora Harwood, you'll travel across the biosphere of the planet to investigate the mysterious event causing the delay of human settlement. This new trailer gives us a detailed look on the game's key features, including the upgradable and its tactical battles.

Everreach Project Eden New Gameplay Trailer 2
This new trailer gives us a closer look on the game's features

First things first, let's talk about the upgradable. One can't just simply dive into a journey on a new hostile planet full of unknown, so you'll have to bring a lot of equipment with you. It includes bullet-proof armor, railgun as well as a drone to help you explore and bringing usable items to restore health and armor endurance. You can upgrade all of them in the future at your base.

Everreach Project Eden New Gameplay Trailer 5
Upgrade your armors to enhance its endurance

Apart from the equipment, you also have a skill tree that features over 80 upgrades. It allows you to customize your skillset to be more practical in certain fights, and giving you a higher chance of surviving against the aliens living on Planet Eden.

Speaking about the battles, you'll have to put your skills on a real test with fast-paced combats that requires not only quick reflexes but also tactical planning. For example, you can choose your favorable battlefield by placing forcefields to limit your enemies' actions, or use terrains to gain certain advantages. You can only rely on your guns in those battles, so choose your approach wisely.

Everreach Project Eden New Gameplay Trailer 3
Only pick your fight if you're sure that you'll come out alive

Last but not least, Everreach: Project Eden features a rich story that will take you around 8 hours to get through. All of the events in this game will take place in mesmerizing visuals from Mai-Anh Tran - the veteran that has worked for many sci-fi movies like WarCraft and Star Trek: Beyond.

Everreach Project Eden New Gameplay Trailer 4
Its visuals look stunningly realistic!

Release date

Everreach: Project Eden will come out for PC on December 4, which is only 6 days away from us. The Xbox One version will be launched on the same day.

If you're really into the concept of inhabiting another planet and sci-fi actions, this is definitely the game that you should give some looks.