Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development for 8 years... with the hype constantly building up. Players, especially ones who are on consoles, are expecting a revolutionary experience, with an expansive world to explore and extensive character customization. However... the game has absolutely failed to deliver - if you are on various social websites like Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, you probably have heard about this game's massive blunder.

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In this article, we would list the major events behind Cyberpunk 2077's release scandal.

1 - The game is swarmed with bugs

Since the game's release on December 10, thousands of players have been posting about how they encounter a huge number of glitches and bugs that ruined the experience. Some visual bugs are fairly harmless... with characters and objects clipping through each other, while others can prevent the player from advancing forward in questlines.

2 - Performance issues and optimization problems

The game runs absolutely terrible on the current generation of consoles (Xbox One and PS4), which leads to drastic measures from Sony (remove the game from the PlayStation Store) and Microsoft (provide refunds). These refunds would have cost the developers millions - when coupled with their stock losing 30% value, this is definitely a billion dollars failure.

CDPR stock loses a third of its value

CDPR has tried to hide this fact before the release - they forbid reviewers to use footage from their gameplay... and don't provide any of them with the console version. The PC version is also fairly terrible as well, with a config file restricting PC's performance down to console level.

3 - Should you play Cyberpunk 2077?

Since then, they have been very active - in just 10 days, 3 massive hotfixes have been released... upgrading the game to 1.05. If you haven't played Cyberpunk 2077 yet, it is best to wait a few more months for a couple more updates.

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