Minecraft has a reputation for featuring popular property crossovers, and a new crossover has been announced. During Hasbro's recent D&D Direct, it was revealed that Minecraft and Dungeons & Dragons would release a DLC crossover in Spring 2023. Minecraft has had successful crossovers with Super Mario Bros., Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and Sonic the Hedgehog in the past, so this upcoming crossover is likely to be well-received.

The popularity of tabletop roleplaying games has significantly increased due to the modernization and simplification of D&D in recent years, as well as the influence of online shows like Critical Role. It's not surprising that D&D would be integrated into Minecraft. Although the DLC release date is still unknown, the trailer provided ample information about it.

What we know about the Minecraft x D&D crossover so far

The addition of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse to Minecraft, which already features numerous fantasy elements, is expected to be a fun experience. However, unlike previous fantasy content and mods/add-ons, the D&D crossover is expected to be distinct. The trailer, which premiered during D&D Direct, showcased new mechanics from the tabletop game that blend seamlessly into Minecraft.

According to the trailer, players can choose from a variety of D&D classes such as Barbarian, Wizard, Rogue, and Paladin. Each class has unique mechanics, much like the real roleplaying game.

Fans of D&D will recognize classic attacks like the Rogue's Backstab or the Wizard's Fireballs. Rolling dice is also a key element of the tabletop game, and this DLC allows players to roll D-20 dice for skill checks to pass or fail at certain tasks.

In the DLC's story, Minecraft players start in a basement where a game of Dungeons & Dragons is being played before being transported into the vast multiverse of the roleplaying game.

Players can explore famous locations such as Candlekeep and Icewind Dale, alongside a group of fully voice-acted characters in an adventure that spans the settings of the tabletop game. Along the way, they will face well-known and cunning enemies such as Mindflayers, Beholders, and dragons.

For devoted D&D players and enthusiasts, the DLC offers plenty of references to the game's lore. However, for those new to Dungeons & Dragons, the DLC includes a guidebook with a glossary of terms to help fill in any gaps in knowledge of the lore and vocabulary.

Regardless of whether players are fans of Minecraft or high-fantasy and roleplaying games in general, this DLC offers something for everyone.

Minecraft D D 03
Some of the most infamous D&D monsters will be included.

At present, a specific release date for the DLC has not been confirmed by Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro or Mojang. However, both companies have assured the community that the crossover will be available on the in-game marketplace by the end of Spring 2023.

Minecraft D&D mods

Minecraft D&D

For the time being, players can enjoy some D&D content using mods instead. Here are ten Dungeons and Dragons mods for Minecraft that fans of both franchises may enjoy:

  1. Mine and Slash: This mod introduces RPG elements into Minecraft, such as character classes, leveling, and loot. It also includes a skill tree system inspired by games like Diablo and Path of Exile.
  2. DecoCraft: While not directly related to D&D, this mod adds a plethora of new decorative items to Minecraft that can help players create more immersive and thematic environments for their D&D campaigns.
  3. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: This mod pack includes a variety of mods that add new biomes, dungeons, and creatures to Minecraft. It also includes a custom D&D-style class system and a magic system inspired by the tabletop game.
  4. MineRPG: This mod adds a variety of RPG elements to Minecraft, such as classes, quests, and NPCs. It also includes a custom magic system inspired by D&D spells.
  5. Dungeons Gear: This mod adds a variety of new weapons, armor, and tools to Minecraft that are inspired by D&D. For example, players can craft swords with different enchantments that mimic D&D spells.
  6. Better Dungeons: This mod adds new dungeons and structures to Minecraft that are inspired by D&D, including castles, ruins, and temples. These dungeons are filled with loot and enemies, making them a fun challenge for players to explore.
  7. Tinkers' Construct: This mod allows players to create custom weapons and tools by combining different materials and parts. It includes a variety of D&D-inspired materials, such as mithril, adamantium, and dragon bone.
  8. Biomes O' Plenty: This mod adds over 80 new biomes to Minecraft, including many that are inspired by D&D. For example, players can explore the Enchanted Forest biome, which is filled with magical creatures and plants.
  9. Runic Dungeons: This mod adds a new type of dungeon to Minecraft that is inspired by D&D. These dungeons are filled with traps and puzzles, and players can earn valuable loot by completing them.
  10. The Aether: This mod adds a new dimension to Minecraft that is inspired by D&D. The Aether is a floating realm filled with new blocks, items, and enemies, and players can explore it to discover new treasures and challenges.

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