Incorporating additional structures in Minecraft can make the game more enjoyable and provide a new and exciting exploration experience. There's a possibility of discovering new rewards, creatures, gameplay elements, and much more. This post will present the top 10 best structure mods currently accessible for Minecraft Fabric.

1. Flowery Structures

The objective of Flowery Structures is to introduce fresh areas to Minecraft that offer a Vanilla+ vibe. This implies that the structures won't significantly change the game and won't include new blocks or items.

Flowery Structures

Most of these locations will be composed of structures that resemble those built by other players, such as villager houses, carts, farms, and lamps, giving the impression that they are inhabited. However, there are also some hazardous locations, such as dungeons and tombstones.

All of these structures are fairly common, so it's likely that you'll come across them frequently while playing the game.

2. YUNG's Better Strongholds

YUNG's Better Strongholds does not introduce any novel structures to Minecraft; rather, it enhances the current Stronghold, which serves as the gateway to the End Dimension.

YUNG's Better Strongholds

Considering that this location is one of the final areas you'll come across before finishing Minecraft, you might expect it to be more captivating. However, it's rather basic and lacks substance.

With YUNG's Better Strongholds implemented, you'll discover that the Strongholds are significantly larger. They'll contain more decorative blocks, a variety of room designs, and even some concealed areas.

3. Subterrestrial

Subterrestrial introduces new structures to the caves in Minecraft, which are cabins of various sizes and designs. These cabins are also influenced by biome variations, which add to their overall appearance.


When exploring these cabins, you'll find chests containing loot, but that's the extent of it. However, the mod is integrated with other mods, such as Additional Additions, Croptopia, and the Extractinator, allowing items from these mods to spawn inside the cabins.

Overall, the mod should make cave exploration more engaging and hopefully provide you with enough items to avoid having to return to the surface for food.

4. Soaring Structures 2

Soaring Structures 2 is a mod that solely adds structures to Minecraft's sky, which appear on floating islands. The most effective way to reach these structures is by using an Elytra.


These islands often contain chests, buildings that you can loot or inhabit, or even caves. The islands vary in size, with some being big enough to accommodate farms, houses, lighthouses, and camps.

In addition to the structures, the mod also includes a few extra items, such as Heavenly Flowers, which can be turned into soups, and custom paintings.

5. Yung's Bridges

Yung's Bridges mod introduces bridges that are naturally generated in your Minecraft world. These bridges come in over 15 different variations, each with a unique design, style, and size.

Yung's Bridges

The bridges add a sense of human presence to Minecraft, as if other players have built them. They can only be found spanning rivers, with both ends connecting to land, so they're mostly found in river biomes. If desired, the spawn rate of these bridges can be increased in the configuration files.

6. The Graveyard

The Graveyard is a mod that significantly expands Minecraft by adding various structures, items, and creatures. In this context, we will concentrate on structures.

Graveyard 1
The Graveyard

The mod includes several locations such as the Haunted House, Small Grave, various sizes of Graveyards, Memorial Birch Tree, and Mushroom Grave. These sites are likely to contain loot that can be uncovered through some grave-digging.

In addition to the structures, the mod also adds hostile mobs such as Ghouls, Reapers, and Revenants. A supplementary mod called Graveyard Biomes is also available, which adds some horror-themed biomes to the game.

7. Towers of the Wild

Towers of the Wild is considered one of the top mods for adding structures to Minecraft. It brings Towers, which are inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild, into the game.

Towers of the Wild

The Towers are easy to spot, as they are tall and reach high into the sky. They come in various designs and versions, depending on the biome where they spawn. Climbing the ladder to the top of the Towers can be challenging, but at the summit, there is a chest filled with loot.

If you have the Waystones mod installed, a waystone will appear at the top of the Tower, which makes it an ideal fast-travel location. Furthermore, by adding Towers of the Wild Additions, the Towers can be found in the End and Nether Dimensions.

8. Additional Structures

Additional Structures is a mod that adds a vast number of new structures to Minecraft, numbering over 150, although they are generally smaller in size than those of other mods. Some of the structures are made up of natural formations such as cacti, rock formations, trees and bushes, while some larger structures include altars, temples and houses.

Additional Structures 

This mod provides an excellent way to introduce more diversity into the game, without being too complicated. These structures are not limited to the Overworld and can be found in all dimensions, both above and below the ground.

9. Mo’ Structures

Mo’ Structures is a well-known structure mod available for Minecraft using Fabric. Instead of revamping existing structures, it introduces a range of new ones.

Mo’ Structures

The structures in this mod come in many different forms, such as Dungeons, Ruins, and structures containing loot. For instance, you can find a Villager Market where multiple Villagers can be found to trade with, protected by Iron Golems.

There's also the Pillager Factory, which contains hostile Pillager-themed mobs and loot. At the Killer Bunny Castle, players can engage in a mini-boss fight with a Bunny. Along with these, there are also Hot Air Balloons, Ships, Pyramids, and various other structures.

10. Repurposed Structures

To enhance the way structures are generated in Minecraft, Repurposed Structures is a highly recommended mod. Its main feature is the inclusion of multiple variations for each structure, based on the Biome where they are spawned. For example, Pillager Outposts will now have a distinct design depending on whether they spawn in Swamps, Deserts, Snowy Biomes, and so on.

Repurposed Structures

Other structures like Shipwrecks, Desert Pyramids, Witch Huts, and Mansions also have similar changes. Additionally, the mod introduces new structures such as Nether Fortresses in Overworld Jungles and End Cities in both the Overworld and Nether dimensions.

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