Amplitude, the mastermind behind successful space/fantasy themed titles like Endless Legend and Endless Space, is currently making a history-based game to rival Civilization VI. The founders of the studio have always wanted to pursue this route - and with Sega's backing, they can finally accomplish their goal: To make a big-budget 4x strategy game.

This is definitely the best time to do it, as Civilization 6's general reception was rather underwhelming, way less than its prequel. Humankind will not follow the footsteps of Sid Meier - they would instead put more emphasis on culture and adaptable situations.

In this article, we will list out everything that was revealed about the game.

When will Humankind be released?

Humankind's release date would be in 2020, according to a recent announcement by Amplitude and Sega. Below is the game's announcement trailer.

From the trailer, we can clearly see the various differences that this game is focusing on. Overall, the level of graphical details is way higher, along with various indicators related to gameplay. Your civilization's architectural and culture would change based on neighbors' influence over time.

How Humankind's Era works

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The graphics look a lot better than that of civilization

There are six eras in a campaign, start with prehistoric. You would establish the groundwork for your culture, along with locations for settlements. At the end of each era, you would get to pick from a list of various cultures to emulate - from Nubian's commerce to Rome's empire structure. Traits from your previous culture would carry onto the next era - because of that, all civilizations would be a unique blend of elements. As there are six eras, there would be a total of 60 cultures for you to mix and match.

Character creation system

Humankind Announced By Sega Gaming Instincts Offic
Create your own character

You would get to design your own civilization leader if you did not pick an established culture. There are a lot of styles and visual options so that you can build whatever you want.

Victory conditions are completely overhauled

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They have scrapped everything from Science Victory to Military Victory. In Humankind, victory would be determined by the achievements that you have accomplished in the campaign. There would be 21 of them for each era - and the culture with most stars at the end of the game would be the winner. How to earn these "stars"? They are given upon various big achievements such as beating enemy attackers, having a massive city or building impressive things. To progress to the next era, you would have to get at least seven stars.

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