Despite having a large player base, Counter-Strike 2 still seems to be in its early stages. As new players try out the game, many fans are adjusting to the differences from the first release. In January 2024, Valve officially ended support for the original Counter-Strike. It appears that the developers are now fully committed to moving forward with the new game and are encouraging players to transition to it.

New missions & Rewards

A video from Gabe Follower, a well-known Counter-Strike 2 content creator, leaks various new features that might be added to the game, as discovered through data mining.

The previous Counter-Strike 2 update emphasized improvements to user experience. However, according to Gabe Follower, an upcoming operation is expected to bring new missions and rewards. These rewards may feature new items like weapon keychains, customizable clothing, and pets. Rumors also suggest an exclusive skin case will be introduced in the update. But there's more to come.

New maps & Chickens

Apart from the rumored updates, Gabe Follower has uncovered data suggesting the arrival of new maps named Thera, Assembly, Pool Day, Mills, and Memento (Wingman). With Counter-Strike 2 already featuring a wide array of maps, these upcoming additions have stirred considerable anticipation among fans longing for fresh gaming environments.

Cs2 Update

Cs2 Chickens

In the video, Gabe Follower mentions that developers aren't trying to keep this information under wraps, displaying screenshots of Steam Workshop pages for each of these maps with multiple images. While some of these pages have been around since November 2023, there's been a surge in new user comments on each, highlighting the recent interest.

Gabe Follower also highlights new animations in Counter-Strike 2, where players interact with chickens by picking them up and even squeezing them. These chickens are speculated to serve as placeholders for a feature referred to as pets in the game files. While the exact role of pets remains unclear, Gabe Follower suggests they could be cosmetic items that potentially follow players around the map.

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