Ping is the word for the network delay time between the gamer's computer and the server of the game they're being connected to. The ping statistics (which are usually being measured by milliseconds) will tell you how long it takes for a certain in-game action to take place after it's been initiated. For example, if you have an in-game ping of 30 ms, it means that your in-game actions will be delayed 0.03 second for them to happen in the game.

Ping has always been a huge issue for online games in general, especially for heavy online games like Fortnite. And at this moment, Fortnite players are suffering a huge ping rise for their favorite game, much higher than in the past. Even gamers with strong PC experience this phenomenon.

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The issue of Fortnite is so huge that the king of Fortnite has to raise their voice

Some players have even reported major variations between their ping value being shown in the UI and the connection page of their settings menu. The Fortnite community is pointing their fingers toward the release of the v8.10 update on March 12th as the cause of this ping rise.

Luckily for us, this time Epic Games have quickly provided a small clarification for this high ping phenomenon.

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The explanation from Epic Games

According to the explanation from Epic Games, the actual problem here is a visual glitch in showing the ping value. It means that for Fortnite players, their actual ping value has not changed much after the v8.10 update applied to the game. The high ping value we see is just a visual glitch.

Despite the quick answer from Epic Games, players who have been reporting about seeing higher ping value have also claimed that Fortnite is much laggier than before. If this is true, we have to put some doubts on the clarification of Epic Games. Whether the issue really is an only visual glitch or if these players are just being affected by some much more serious in-game issues.

No matter what, this is a huge issue for such a big game like Fortnite and chances are that we are about to see Epic Games fix this up completely.