According to a recent report, the next installment in the Far Cry series is being developed at Ubisoft. The game is going to be released pretty soon, most likely on both this generation of console and the next. This info was leaked from Jason Schreier, one of the most trusted sources of Ubisoft related news. Specifically, this leak was revealed during an investor’s briefings – the company reveals that they are going to launch five AAA titles between Apr 2020 and Mar 2021. Amongst them, three would be the previously announced Watch Dogs sequel “Legion”, Rainbow 6: Quarantine and God & Monsters. The final two games would presumably be from Ubisoft’s other big IPs, namely Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.

It looks like the last big Ubisoft IP, Splinter Cell, is not going to be a part of the lineup after all. Based on various other reports from sources, currently, the company has no plans for a new SC game, as the previous entry bombed pretty hard.

Far Cry 5 was the best selling modern installment of the series

With Far Cry 5 being Ubisoft’s best selling game of this generation, it is more or less the right course of action for them to just pump out new sequels every two years. The next question is that where would the next game’s setting be? Two years ago, Ubisoft did create a survey so that the fans would get to throw out their ideas about the next destination for the series. Amongst those options, Peru, North Korea, and “another planet” get the most votes. While it is possible that Ubi would take one of those locations, they might just get back to the United States for Far Cry 6, as the settings of 5 was a big hit.

New Dawn was beautiful, but its more or less just a rehash of the previous title

About the Far Cry series, they were an infamous groundbreaking first-person shooter series back in 2004, made by Crytek and Ubisoft. The games do not share much about the story or narrative elements except for the theme: they are all about the main character getting stranded in a dangerous wilderness. They would then have to fight against one or more groups of dangerous terrorists that control the region, along with the wild animals that inhabit those lands. Besides the robust story campaign, the game also features various multiplayer modes and the ability to edit maps.

Far Cry New Dawn, similar to its previous predecessors, is an action-adventure FPS in an open world map that players could explore using either vehicles or foot. The game’s story is set in Montana, Hope County, with the map being a reimagined version of Far Cry 5’s. The nuclear war in the previous game has changed the landscape so much it almost looks like a wholly different region. Some areas are blocked while some are made available because of that.

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The combat of the game is pretty wild

The player would step into the shoes of a completely new character, whose race, gender and appearance can be fully customized. They would be able to hire recruits and animals for combat assistance using the Fangs for Hire and Guns for Hire system. The game’s cast would include various returning characters from 5, along with a new line of NPC called “Specialists”. Each of these characters would come with their own personal missions. Various new weapons are included as well, with the new "Saw Launcher" being the best.

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