Devil's Eyes is an upcoming horror/zombie shooter for mobile that’s set to launch later this week on the 18th of January for iOS. It takes place in the not-so-far-off year of 2025. A solar flare has destroyed the power grids across the planet, disabling any means of communication. As humankind strives to rebuild after the disaster, you discover a horrible secret right in your small town.

A shady lab in the neighborhood has been severely affected by the flare and thus its test subjects have escaped. These half-human, half-monster abominations – zombies basically – have caused a gruesome massacre in the area, and it is now up to you and some other survivals to handle the situation.

The protagonist of the game is Lauren, a young woman with a strong personality who always puts the benefits of others before that of her own. With her family and friends threatened, Lauren has taken it upon herself to put an end to the zombie menace.

Following her footsteps, you will venture deep into the center of the zombie-infested city where all sorts of unspeakable horrors dwell. In order to survive, you will have to be quick on your feet and adapt to any circumstances, look for resources such as ammo and healing items, and upgrade your weapons accordingly.

Devils Eyes Ios Screenshot Level
Battle unspeakable horrors

When you've gotten the hang of the experience, expect the game to start throwing towering bosses and other tough challenges at you. While Devil’s Eyes seems to be pretty action-packed, the developer has clearly drawn a lot of ideas from other survival horror titles. The weapon upgrade system is reportedly extensive, covering a wide variety of weapons such as pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns.

Devils Eyes Ios Screenshot Boss
Face towering bosses

Devil's Eyes is expected to hit the App Store this Saturday, January 18th with pre-order available right now. It’ll be a free-to-play title with IAPs included.