Zombie Army 4: Dead War is Rebellion’s newest work, a spinoff of the infamous Sniper Elite series. In this game, you would be leading the charge against a Zombie Army and its Evil Undead Fuhrer. Once again, you would be able to either solo or coop with up to three other players to blast your way through the horde.

There would be a lot of new additions comparing to the previous games. Firstly, new levels would be added – from the classic bunker compound to the burning street of Venice, completely modified to suit both solo and coop play. New abilities are added – besides the usual combo of rifles and sidearm, there would be magic powers for you to take advantage of.

Zombie 4
The cast of the 4 players coop mode

Everything would be wrapped up in a brand new progression system, with weapon upgrades, item mods, perks, special attacks… and more. The replayability of this game would be insane – much more than its predecessors.

Za4 Jan 3 2060x1159
Facing a powerful horde with multiple different enemies
The zombie Nazi army is back again

About the new variants of enemies, there would be more of that in Dead War than every previous title combined. From Sprint Zombies, Giant Zombies, to Chainsaw and Flamethrower Zombies, they have got about everything. The enemies’ appearances also change based on which location you find them at – with zombies inside the Gym wearing boxing gloves and workout clothes. The strength of Zombie Army 4’s campaign is its Wave based combat and survival style modes. You would defend the location with your teammates until a boat arrives – there would be waves upon waves of special zombies and boss, each with their own unique abilities.

Zombie Army 4: Dead Wars would be available on PC on Feb 4. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check this post out for an overall ranking of the entire Resident Evil series.