As you can tell from the name of the game, Seeds Of Love is a hybrid sim of farming and romance. However, there are some cool elements from the game that didn’t show up in its name.

Seeds Of Love
Seeds Of Love is a cute game with a decent look and catchy tunes to follow.

First of all, Seeds Of Love is completely free-to-play. Secondly and even more interestingly, the game sneaks some rhythm elements in it with catchy tunes to encounter.

These tunes will affect the emotions of our protagonist María. In fact, María has many different moods throughout the game, including even some pun-based flirtation.

Seeds Of Love
María is our main character with a wide range of moods.

If there’s one thing we learn from this game, it’s that no one wants to make friends with someone who always looks grumpy and lack of groove.

Take a look at a few of María’s moods in the trailer below:

Special features in Seeds of Love

  • Buzzwords! Seeds Of Love is an awesome farming visual novel Rhythm game!
  • Lane-based rhythms: Arrow keys let you move around between lanes and spacebar lets you hit the notes!
  • A visual novel with options! María can use your help in many different fields in her life: family, friends and much more!
  • A jukebox mode to master your skills. Practice makes perfect!
  • Special mood system! Your performance matters as it will affect María's mood throughout the story. If you do well, she’d probably be happy!
  • An awesome, catchy soundtrack! Seeds Of Love offers a bit of everything – a perfect blend of country, jazz, folk, classical and even EDM!
  • Last but not least, the beautiful and colorful aesthetics!

To finish the whole thing would not cost you too much time. However, it’s pretty nice to get out of the hectic daily schedules for a while and dive into something so bright and colorful, yet sounds awesome to the ears.

Seeds Of Love
Seeds Of Love, playable right now for free!

Seeds Of Love is available to download for free, right now on