Life in the city was surely quite struggling, and many have dreamed of a great time living peacefully and relaxing as a farmer. But Farmer's Dynasty will make you rethink your decision since it will tell you that a farmer's life is much harder than you expect!

Farmer's Dynasty has been around in Steam Early Access for a year now, and not until recently that we knew that the developer has almost finished their testing period. And finally, we're seeing the full version of the game, as Farmer's Dynasty has officially launched for PC!

Below is the launch trailer of the game, which you can have a peek at this simulation:

Overview of Farmer's Dynasty

Farmer's Dynasty is the brainchild of Toplitz Productions, which aims to bring the mixed experience of life simulator, RPG elements, and farming games. It has chosen the tagline "Live-build-farm" to describe the game's features, and it's more than enough to say about the special features of this game.

To be more specific, Farmer's Dynasty will put you into the shoes of a young man coming back to his grandfather's farm after tired of the busy life in the city. The countryside's memories of driving on the tractor have inspired him to go back and take over the farm, and it's up to you to help him operate this treasure.

Farmers Dynasty Launch Pc Ps4 7
You cannot afford to lose your grandpa's farm!

In order to do that, you'll have to do a lot of things to make it run well. First of all, the farm is quite old, and you need to renovate and repairs necessary things such as the roof, the stables, and fences, as well as re-decorating the face of the farm to attract the tractors to work with your business. That's when the RPG elements shine, where you can experience the hard but enjoyable building progress that you may never touch your hands on in real life.

Farmers Dynasty Launch Pc Ps4 1
Fixing the roof for the farm is crucial

After that, you will receive some quests of running the farm, including planting seeds, harvesting or feeding your animals. The products from these works will not sell themselves either, and you'll also need to find the tractors to take over the retail progress for you. That's a lot of work, both on-farm and off-farm.

Farmers Dynasty Launch Pc Ps4 3
Harvest the crops you've made and find some contracts to sell them

Luckily, life in this countryside will give you a lot of chances to meet and form a tight bond with the people around you. Speaking to them at first is quite aimless at first, but the closer you become to your neighborhoods, the more likely that they'll help you with your problems and the future. And what's the point of living without love - you'll soon find your life-long mate!

Farmers Dynasty Launch Pc Ps4 5
Maybe you'd find the love of your life soon!

Available now with a discount

Farmer's Dynasty has officially come out after a long period of testing in Early Access. And to celebrate this launch, Toplitz is running a time-limited 15% discount, which cuts the game's price down to $25.49.

Farmers Dynasty Launch Pc Ps4 4
Farmer Dynasty is now available for PC and PS4

At the same time, the game's also available on PlayStation 4 now, giving you another option on the platforms to play the game. Enjoy!