According to Marvelous Europe, Fate/ EXTELLA LINK will be released in March of 2019 in Australia and Europe. The scheduled day of the PC version on Steam is March 19th and then on 22nd of March, there will be several console releases, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PSVita.


Fate/ EXTELLA LINK is launching on Steam next month

Pre-order for the game is already available for the PC version and will come to consoles on March 1st. Content consists of the main game, a Digital Soundtrack App, and two outfits for Scathach and Nameless. For PS4 and Nintendo Switch, these outfits will go with the Joeuse Edition and the Emperor of Paladins Edition. People who pre-order the game early stand to receive some nice rewards, which are offered on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop. While an Altera Costume for Artoria is the bonus of Nintendo Switch and PC, PS4 awards consist of it and an additional theme unique to the platform. Players can download the Lil Nero, Lil Altera and Lil Tamamo outfits freely for one week before they are launched on Steam and the PlayStation Store officially. When this period of promotion end, this content will be put up for sale as a premium DLC on these stores.

Fate/ EXTELLA LINK continues the story of its prequel Umbral Star, with 10 new servants added to the first roster. In this intense and fast-paced action game, players will have to fight their way in through hordes of powerful enemies and reclaim the world. There is also a PvP mode where 8 players are divided into 2 teams of 4 to compete against each other.

There is a multiplayer mode where up to 8 players can compete against each other in challenging 4-on-4 battles

Moreover, the Marvelous Games Store is going to offer 2 Collector’s Edition versions of Fate/ EXTELLA LINK. Both of them will include the main game, a soundtrack disk, and cards, while one will also have Mahjong tiles that have pictures of several characters in the franchise.