We have heard of the emergence of virtual reality masks for users to feel the scent, now it really appears and is about to hit the market in the near future.

Feelreal Multi-Sensory VR mask gives users a completely new and more realistic experience in the virtual world through smelling. It shows that virtual world technology is now more than just listening and seeing experiences.

The compatibility of Feelreal Multi-Sensory Mask is quite diverse, it can connect to PlayStation VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR. It helps improve and enhance the user's virtual reality experience. It connects to your VR devices with magnets and weighs 7oz. Besides, the battery allows you to use it within 4 hours continuously.

Currently the number of games supporting this device is quite limited

Feelreal's multi-sensory mask composition includes a scent detector and 9 replaceable containers. Each container carries up to 255 prepared scents. Inside, there are also micro-coolers, micro-heaters, haptic motors capable of giving users the feeling of wind, heat and other vibrations respectively. There is also an ultrasonic ionization system that creates a sense of mist for users.

Bogdan Zubchenko provides aromatherapy for this device, this is a famous perfume brand and has good expertise in olfactory research. This product includes 3 colors black, white and gray.

In addition to the ability to spray aromatherapy, this mask also has the ability to blow mist and wind into your face while in use. It can also vibrate for headphones with a haptic motor.

Users can fully adjust scents, vibrations and other effects

Currently there are only certain games that support Feelreal masks, including Beat Saber, Skyrim VR, Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof, The Last Day Defense và Death Horizon.

Besides, YouTube VR is also supported Feelreal Dreams, these are exciting initial tests of the company. Video developers can choose and install free mods provided from the Feelreal library. There are exclusive privileges for developers, such as device support with the Unreal Engine or Unity.

Not only gamers are the target of companies. Non-gamers can use this mask to watch great movies with 360-degree viewing angles. The experience of VR is customized through the player available in Feelreal. So that users can also use it to add essential oils to treat or create a relaxing, comfortable space to meditate. You can use mobile devices to customize your aromas.

Users will be allowed to create their own tracks for videos to share with others. Users can add wind, temperature, dew, vibration and some scents at certain times. Boxes containing scents can easily be changed and replaced with other flavors to suit the video or other purposes.

An introduction to this device was posted three weeks ago on YouTube. In it, a person is using this Feelreal mask to play Skyrim VR. Certainly Feelreal will be available soon with a Kickstarter and include Early Bird discount for pre-orderers. This is sometimes strange, if you play a zombie fighting game, how will their smell through Feelreal?

Actually, there was a questioner on this issue on Reddit. The company's official account replied that they had reviewed and studied the issue. They have also carefully researched the odors that can cause players to vomit, which many people often suffer when playing VR. However, the company tried to regulate and produce the smell that brought the most genuine discomfort of corpses, blood, gunpowder or mold, but did not make people nausea.