Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the latest game of the series released by Ubisoft. Though you may have had great experiences while completing the final quests of either Alexios or Kassandra, the full story is not over yet.

There's more to explore after the ending of Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Traditionally, the Assassin's Creed series has 3 parallel stories. The first and easiest to see one is the protagonists' adventure. The second is about what happens in the present. The final one is about the Isu, Those Who Came Before. 3 of these storylines were blended into each other so that you could finish them easier in the earlier games. However, this time Ubisoft decided to make a difference as they separate 3 of them into 3 independent stories.

As a result, completing and exploring all 3 different storylines is not an easy quest, you may have finished the Odyssey's story but missed those 2 different ones. Keep reading if you want to find out how to finish them too!

Spoiler Alert!

The game is not only about Alexios and Kassandra

However, bear in mind that you should only consider reading this article if you have finished Episode 7 and get the "Legend in the Making" Trophy if not, there is a possibility that you will be spoiled. But if you really want to figure out how to fully complete the game, consider this a general guide since we won't leak everything.

Ready? Let's jump right into it.

Main Story: Odyssey

The main story is built upon our protagonists' adventures. It is also the most explicit and should be your priority in the game as after completing the whole story, you can see the credits of the game. Of course, your ultimate goal is to unite and set at least an acceptable end for Kassandra and Alexios' family.

Assassin's Creed ending scene
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's best ending, when the family finally united

Ubisoft also applies a butterfly effect for the game. As you play through, your actions and choices will directly affect the result of your adventure, that includes your choice to kill or spare, your words you decide to speak. As we have known, there is a total of 9 different possible endings for the protagonists' adventures.

Basically, that's how the main storyline works, but if you are eager to find out more details about other characters and how Odyssey plays its role in the entire series, you will have to complete the other 2 stories, which we will discuss below.

Second story: Hunt the Cult of Kosmos

The Kosmos cultists

Cult of Kosmos is a secretive organization playing a fairly important role in the game. You will have the chance to encounter them pretty soon in the main story. The hints about this organization will be revealed gradually as you play through the game. But if you want to complete this narrative, it is mandatory to assassinate a lot of people.

The Cult of Kosmos is divided into 8 separate branches and 7 of them include a total of 6 members, the rest has only 1 cultist. Your ultimate goal is to find and kill every one of them to get information about their branch leaders, called the "Sages" and then through these "Sages", collect the pieces to track down their highest leader, the Ghost of Kosmos.

Since the Cult of Kosmos is considered one of the Templar Order, it is not an easy quest at all and requires a lot of quality equipment and decent strength to beat the cultists. Note that it is not important whether you complete the main storyline first of after this narrative, you have all the time to collect equipment and become stronger in order to face hidden antagonists.

This narrative tightly bonds with the present day's story. You may think that Layla would have an open ending, however, it is not the case. In order to reveal the hidden ending for Layla and her team, you will need to successfully kill the Ghost of Kosmos. After that, a cutscene will be shown to fully complete her story.

A complete ending for Layla's story will be revealed after you have killed the Ghost of Kosmos

Final story: Between Two Worlds

In order to unlock this narrative, you will have to successfully locate the ruin of Atlantis while playing. Though this is the shortest of 3 storylines, it's still a real challenge.

You will have to encounter 4 ancient Greek mythological creatures. They are hideous Medusa, bull-headed Minotaur, and one-eyed Cyclops (no, not that dumb big thug at the beginning of the game, the real one).

assassin's creed odyssey medusa
Assassin's Creed Odyssey featured the Medusa

These are the most horrible-looking and scary bosses of the game, so you'd better have some decent armor and weapons before deciding to hunt them down.

Different from those 3, the fourth monster, Sphinx, requires a different task. You don't have to fight it, but instead have to solve its clever riddles.

assassin's creed sphinx
Luckily that this one is at least better-looking than those monsters

As we mentioned, you won't want to miss this narrative as it features a lot of fierce battles, interesting quests, and some brain-required aspects. Plus, it also gives more information about the Isu or the Precursors along with interesting hints about the upcoming DLC The Fate of Atlantis.

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