Just by looking at how the term ‘Fortnite’ has changed in the last year, you can see how phenomenal this thing actually is. Used to be a fancier word to say ‘two weeks’, the word has taken upon a newer meaning: The video game that is, according to the 2017 World Bank report, is more profitable than the GDP of 29 countries in the world.

Now I don’t know on which side of the fight you - the reader - stand when it comes to Fortnite. You either love it, don’t really care at all about it, or you despise it. But no matter how you spin your narrative, it is undeniable that the game’s financial report for this year is stellar. All in all, Epic Games grossed over $3 billion as a result of Fortnite’s enduring popularity.

To us ordinary people, seeing such a large number displayed on-screen can make us vastly understate the actual value of the number. So here’s just how large it is: The World Bank’s 2017 report put side-by-side with Fortnite’s revenue reveals that the game made more money in 2018 than 29 countries in the world. To name a few being Grenada, Belize, Antigua, Djibouti, Seychelles,… and a couple more. Granted, they were all developing countries. Yet the fact that Epic Games’ financial record is stronger than numerous nations in the world is an impressive milestone for the company.

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If you’re unfamiliar with accountancy, then you should know further that this number is not the actual amount that the company had made out of Fortnite. The number $3 billion is just net profits. Meaning that $3 billion is the resulting amount after the operating costs such as servers, staffs, along with taxes were deduced from the actual revenue. The real sum Fortnite generated is considerably higher than that.

Unfortunately, we can’t put an exact figure on this. Since Epic Games doesn’t report its revenue figures to the public and refused to make a comment about it. Nonetheless, based on how the company is currently valued at $15 billion on the market - an amount higher than the GDP of 71 countries. We can surmise that whoever got their hands on it can live out the rest of their lives without getting a job ever.

As a bonus fun fact, there are now 125 million active players duking it out on Fortnite’s servers. The game’s ‘population’ is higher than that of 40 countries in the world. So even though Fortnite is essentially a free-to-play game that’s making the majority of its profits from selling in-game merchandises. I’m not surprised that it has become so darn profitable Epic Games can essentially run a country based purely on it.