Epic Games - the Fortnite developer has filed a lawsuit against two Fortnite streamers as they posted videos of using cheats in their game - Fortnite and influencing users to buy those tools. The streamer named Brandon "Golden Modz" Lucas is being sued for "tortious interference”, breaches of contract and also violation of copyright laws. Colton "Excentric" Conter, who usually appears in Lucas’s streams, was a part of the Epic’s lawsuit as well.

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Brandon "Golden Modz" Lucas

Engadget said that Epic Games is asking the two Youtubers to return their earnings - giving Epic Games an extra portion of their earnings since those were earned unjustly and they also have to pay for standard damages as well as court costs. The Fortnite developer also requested youtube to remove some videos. The company is not really hurting for money, so Epic’s lawsuit is probably just a strong message to Fortnite cheaters.

For Lucas part, he claimed that there were also other streamers involving in similar things so he did not think that his actions were in any kind of problem.

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Fortnite is also a victim of cheating

However, the lawsuit of Epic also claims Lucas and his friend Conter to be cheaters due to their aimbots' use that enable them to target other players automatically and kill them easy without having to aim manually. Epic also claims that the two streamers are using hacks called "ESP" to see things Fortnite players generally cannot see, such as players out of their sightlines or hidden loot.

Additionally, Epic said that the defendants have joked in some videos that these cheats give them "magical" powers that let them troll and beat other players. "Nobody likes a cheater," reads the suit. "And nobody likes playing with cheaters."

Cheating is a common thing in video games and it has been an issue for Fortnite as well. Besides normal actions to protect its game’s sanctity, Epic Games has reasons to be worried about sites’ phishing schemes claiming to give their Fortnite cheats for free. The company is strengthening Fortnite’s anti-cheat software but cutting off the cheats’ source by preventing streamers and Youtuber from promoting and advertising cheats could be a good way to mitigate the need for the later steps.

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