Dr. Disrespect a very big streaming star on Twitch. He has a large base of audiences who follow his stream due to his intense opinions and personality.

A few days ago, on the 21st of March to be exact, Dr. Disrespect was on his winning streak of his usual Fornite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. But then it all downstream from there.

Fortnite Uninstalling Dr Disrespect Did It Again A
Dr. Disrespect uninstalls Fortnite again

After his clear win on PUBG, Dr. Disrespect then moved to Fortnite where he tried to pull off a solo win for the coming home.

Doc vs Fornite

But then during a Fornite match, he got eliminated completely which made him irritated and claimed that the game is not fun and he will uninstall it right away ( noticed that that is not the first time he pulled out this move).

He couldn't continue to play this game, he doesn't want to keep going - that is what he has said during his stream. Then he decided to delete the game from his computer, never touch Fornite again. Finally, he claimed that this game is boring and just like a piece of garbage.

He has said a lot of harsh words toward Fornite but it hasn't end there yet because he was continuing to take shots at other players.

According to his words, this Fornite bullshit is very boring to play and he couldn't continue to play a game that he is not interested in. This shitty game is for phony kids, for phony kids who don't know how to play video games.

Doc uninstalls Fortnite

Then right on his stream, he uninstalled Fornite by going choose Fornite on his Epic Games Store and hit uninstall.

He said that he has uninstalled it, will never touch it again and that he hates this boring game af.

Notice that this wasn't his first attempt to remove the game so probably he will come back in the near future.

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