Fury Unleashed is a fast-paced hit-and-run game with the random levels, items system in modern, hi-res 2D art-style.

Fury Unleashed
Fury Unleashed, by Awesome Games Studio originally came out in 2017.


To begin with, you were a great hero in the past. However, the world went into chaos and you lost your precious power. Because of that, you now have to start everything from scratch: rewrite your heroic story and relive your best accomplishments. Be the most furious hero and order shall be restored.

Whatever you do, stick to your guns and ink. Guns offer protection and aggression while ink lets you upgrade your own hero. Remember, the braver you are, the more rewards you receive. Therefore, always keep a sharp eye upon everything: you don’t want to die and lose everything you have collected. In addition, be careful while entering secret rooms. You never know what can be inside them and a little caution is always good.

Fury Unleashed
Stick to your weapons and collect as much ink as possible.

Here’s the gameplay trailer to give you a glance at the game.

Key game features

-Awesome visuals: inspired by the classic Metal Slug Comic book.

-Fascinating storyline: check out the great creativity from John Kowalsky – creator of the Fury Unleashed series. Also, there are three unique stories to unveil and to experience: Awakening of the Ancient Gods, Operation Crimson Dusk & Earth’s Last Stand!

-Captivating soundtrack: thanks to Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz and Adam Skorup, who previously worked on the soundtrack of Bulletstorm, The Witcher and Shadow Warrior 2.

Fury Unleashed
Limitless movement: this is an action platformer with 360° shooting, jumping and dashing.

-Two different difficulties: Easy & Hard, suitable for all kinds of gamers.

-Randomly generated levels and secret rooms to discover

-Customizable characters and cool character progression: you get to keep your ink even after death

-Local co-op gameplay available: feel free to call upon your sidekick and double the fun.

Fury Unleashed
Combo system lets you increase your power and ignore damage once you kill enemies fast enough.

In summary

Fury Unleashed (or previously The Badass Hero) is now available via Steam. Soon the game will be on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You should be able to get the game for $14.99/£12.99/€14.99.