FoxyLand is a cutesy side-scrolling platforming game that was initially released in October 2017 on Steam to generally positive feedback and later made its way to Android. Now, a sequel to the game titled FoxyLand 2 is also coming to mobile devices as well.

FoxyLand 2 Trailer

If you have played the original FoxyLand, you probably remember that at the end of that game our protagonist Foxy finally earned a nice and peaceful rest for himself. He bought a house in the countryside to live with his wife Jenny and his children Tim and Cindy.

Everything appeared perfect, but that’s not how life works. Right as it seemed that nothing could go wrong, the evil Duke and his cruel brother Jax attacked Foxy’s house and took his children away. As a result, Foxy and Jenny now have to set out once again on an adventure in FoxyLand 2 to rescue the kids.

Foxy Land 2
Foxy has settled down after the first game, but things did not go quite as planned

In term of gameplay, FoxyLand 2 will still retain the basic gameplay of its predecessor, in which players will control the characters to move horizontally in a 2D environment, collect shiny coins, and overcome various challenges to get to the end. This sequel does take Foxy and Jenny to brand new lands, however, and that means there will be new settings, new obstacles, and new enemies for them to deal with!

Foxy Land Environment
Various new stages to play through

Another new feature of FoxyLand 2 is that it will have 2-player support! That means you can play as Foxy alongside a friend who will control Jenny. Naturally, you two must work together to get to coins and cherries that are out of reach, take down enemies, and solve difficult puzzles.

Foxyland 2 Players
Foxy and Jenny have to work together to overcome difficult challenges

With more than 40 carefully designed stages and various fun worlds for players to explore, FoxyLand 2 promises to be a worthy successor to the original title. It is scheduled to come out tomorrow, April 17, on both Google Play and the App Store.